Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our little walker

So, Emery has started taking steps on a pretty regular basis this weekend. She just sees a toy several feet away, and takes off from whatever she is holding to get it! And everytime, she gets excited. She is trying to stand up from the ground too, but does more face planting into the carpet than anything... Any day now we will be in full-time walking mode! She's not even 11 months! So exciting! Here is a video with proof of her success! PS isn't her play area fabulous! xoxo

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Emery Update

So, I feel I have not done my blog accurate justice by not updating on some of Emery's most recent accomplishments and activities...
She has been saying Mama and Dada to the right parent for nearly 2 months, three times has taken steps on her own, stood on top of her choo choo train with the help of the safety gate, knows the sign language for "all done," however she does it mostly in the middle of eating a veggie... so I ignore it and keep going, sometimes she waves bye bye.. even when you're clearly not leaving the room...
Emery has mastered using Jackson (our labrador) as a mountain with her as the moutain goat... he loves it though, and she is using her choo choo to scamper all over the house, she can turn it, back it up and go a different direction. All of this while chatting up a storm saying who knows what to who knows who... She is a wiggling beast that laughs and giggles all the time. Emery has been on the merry go round holding on all by herself, like a big girl. She LOVED IT! And of course we took the pictures to prove it, which are in a previous post (she's on a dolphin)!
If a toy makes noice or plays music she LOVES it as though it were a pot of gold. And the opportunity to push the button 100,000 times per hour is just all too exciting, especially while her parents are trying to have a conversation or watch TV... But she cracks us up! And we are so thankful to have her! So there you have it, she's on her way to walking, talking, and driving her parents crazy, like any little girl!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Christmas to Remember...

Well, this year was Emery's first Christmas... out of my belly. We have had a fabulous past few weeks, birthday parties, visits from family, and a lot of anticipation for celebrating Christmas... Emery met Santa at the beginning of December, it did NOT go well. But we also went to the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade, had emery free evenings at a few holiday parties, and put up our first regular size Christmas tree! We had to put a fence around it because Emery likes to unwrap presents... She still managed to get her hands through and unwrap a few...
The Wednesday before Christmas, Emery came down with a slight fever, which over night turned into a bad fever and by Christmas Eve evening, it had gotten up to 102.5. We stripped her down to her diaper, took her home and stuck her in a cool bath. Unfortunately, that didn't help and it went up even more. In a matter of minutes it went up to 103.5 and she had a fever induced seizure. It appeared that she had stopped breathing and we called 911. They were there so quickly and we were taken to our local Memorial Hospital. Apparently, when you have a seizure you hold your breathe, but I am glad we called. It took a few hours, but her fever broke and we were able to make it home before Christmas. It was the scariest thing to ever happen, but I am so thankful for my family and their quick response of support. Emery was a grouch for a few days, but did LOVE opening her presents with her cousin, Madison. They sure do love each other. Emery is back to her sassy self and we have never been more thankful for her! I can't believe my little girl is nearly 10 months old.... where does the time go?
Stay tuned as I begin to plan her first birthday! Tutus and tiaras here we come!