Monday, March 15, 2010

We survived!

Can you believe that we actually survived our first year as parents? I know I certainly can't! Emery turned one on March 9th and we couldn't not be more in love with our little girl! To celebrate this major event, we hosted a tutu party for Emery and her friends. Below, you'll see most of her friends with the girls in their best tutu! It truly was "tutu" fun! We had all of our friends, family and loved ones there. Basically everyone we love, and who loves our little girl! I am so thankful to have such amazing people in our lives! Emery is becoming such a little girl, rather than a baby. She loves to be a helper, especially with laundry, as you can see below. She is willful, snuggly, kind, happy, and just amazing! And major accomplishment for me! I finished her first year scrapbook, on the day of her party! The the end I was so sick of that thing, but I am truly happy that I did it for her. Someday, she'll look back on her first year and appreciate all of my hard work, and paper cuts. From here on out, I will make a photobook online!

In other news, I am one step closer to grad school! I have my group interview on Thursday! If you didn't know, I applied to a Master's program at CSULB, Student Development in Higher Education. I have a lot of great experience working with students and I am very passioante about this program. However, it is nearly impossible to get in. So, I am positively optomistic. Wish me luck on Thurday at 3pm. Jason and I have pretty much just been enjoying our weekends together... Spending time with as many friends and family as possible. He is in the application and testing process for the CHP and has the physical fitness test on Saturday... so wish him luck then.

I do have to say that it must be baby making season. I did the math and I know NINE pregnant people. Please stay away from me, do not cough near me, or try to share a drink. I am not interested in catching that right now. But, I am thrilled for them, as they are all women that have been apart of my life through our childhood, school, or Tri Delta! Motherhood is the most amazing gift!
A special shout out to one dear pregnant friend, Bri! She is my oldest friend and "penpal" and is expecting a little girl, Delaney this summer! I admire her ability to be pregnant in July, in Tennessee.... I would move out of state! Jason and I are so excited to spend time with them this fall on a joint family vacation so Emery can meet her future BFF! The Klahn's are some of our favorite friends and we simply don't get to see them enough!

Have I shared enough? I hope so!

Thank you for so many kind thoughts and words! Jason and I are truly so lucky to have so much love in our life!