Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prayer Request

I've never actually made a prayer request. In fact, I'm not one to regularly pray at all. But give the circumstances and the level of anxiety of I have this evening, I'm going out on a limb.
My girl, E, is having dental surgery tomorrow morning. If you've been following along, you know she shattered a tooth. And, that she has to have surgery to remove the rest of the framents from her gum. And, that the surgery is taking place at Denver Children's and she has to go under General Anestesia for an hour.

Thus, my prayer request.
We're also accepting positive thoughts and warm fuzzies, if that is more your thing.

Common sense tells me that she will be fine. She got a check up on Wednesday and is a very healthy, very tall 3 year old.

But, my mommy sense is about to have a panic attack.

To say that E is my whole world is like saying that the sky is blue.

Most days I feel like our soul is cut from the same cloth. It's something I really can't describe. It's just a cosmic- mommy feeling.

So, I hope that if you have the time and feeling in your heart you'll say a little prayer for E's surgery tomorrow morning. It's at 730am, CO time.

And maybe a little prayer for me to have the strength to make it through the hour of her surgery with my saniy in tact.

I'll confirm tomorrow that all is well. We should be able to leave the hospital after a few hours in recovery.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

E's princess moment and some Emery-isms

E said she felt like such a princess yesterday getting her hair cut at the same place as mommy. It was so sweet to see her sit up so big and follow all the direction to get her hair washed and cut in a real salon. Her hair grows so fast it gets unruley, so this was her 2nd hair cut. We made the mistake of going to "cool cuts" near us last time. It was like salon school rejects meets skid row. It was bad.
So, now we're sold on big girl salons. Jason is going to start going to Emily too, so it's a family affair.

Photographic proof that my kid is becoming a big girl...

Yup, that's me, the proud Mama is the mirror reflection, looking like I could use a few hours in a salon chair... She looked so beautiful and grown up. It really broke my heart, and made me so happy...

Today's Emery-isms...

"I go potty sometimes because we're not being frogs anymore"

"I'm here to help you! I'm super powers!"

"Yeah, Daddy's a boy. He's mean but I still love him."

Monday, May 28, 2012

Introducing... Emery-isms.

Yesterday, we had to say good bye to our dearest friends, the Klahns. They popped in for a quick and very fun memorial day weekend visit.
Our girls are 18 months apart, but still such besties. It is so wonderful to be able to bring our families together and share our lives together, even though we live so far away. We often say we would love to be closer to our friends in TN, since the likely hood of moving to home to CA is so expensive and unlikely. We just bought our first home here in CO, but who knows what the future will hold...

Emery has seriously bounced back from her trama of last week. It's just me... I pretty much want to wrap her in bubble wrap and force her to hold my hand until she is 21. I'm a mess. And her surgery is on Friday. Every time I think about it I can not hold back my tears. I've been assured that she should be find, but you truly never know. Please know I'll keep the our loved ones posted on how it goes and we are accepting all prayers, good thoughts, and warm fuzzies on Friday for the surgery...

On a fun note.. Emery has started learning to explain why she wants, does, or likes something. While I would typically say something like...

"I would like a drink because I'm thirsty"

Emery says....

"I want to keep my books on my bed because I'm thirsty"

Her little Emery-isms are so funny and random that they are honestly hard to keep track of. As she continues to develop this humor resasoning skill, I be sure to share...

And because I know you're dying to see what a 3 year old missing a tooth looks like...

Besties and their matching sunnies

Her chin is getting better!

Two generations of bestie Blaylock/Klahn girls...

So much fun!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Remember when I said this day couldn't get any worse...

Yeah, so that happened.
I got a call that E had a 102.5 fever, so I left work to pick her up.
I picked up lunch and planned to go home and snuggle and drink lots of fluids.
We got out of the car and E was walking towards the front door.
Being the clumsey girl that she is... she triped and face planted on the curb.
And, because this day was getting better every minute, she shattered her tooth in "more than 15 pieces" according to her dentist.
Now, my girl is having surgery next Friday at Denver Children's and will be under General Anesthesia for an hour. I heard that and started crying. Then I realized that Jason will be traveling next week and that I have to do this all along.
More tears.
My girl is such a trooper, despite a 102.5 fever and a shattered front tooth... and a big gash on her chin.
Nothing a little apple juice and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse can't fix.

FU 5/22/2012! I shake my fist at you!!!

Murphy's Law.

It never seems to fail...
When Jason travels all hell breaks loose in our house.
Last night was one of the days.
I was feeling great at work. I got a lot done. And left just early enough to head to target to pick up a few "necessities" for our new hours.
I swear, I'll share photos of that when we move in.
Then came the traffic.
We don't typically get crazy traffic in Denver.
One of my favorite things about the city.
But not yesterday. A cement truck turned over and apparently that creates complete and utter chaos.

Finally making it home to two very excited doggies.
I can't walk them together because they would kill me.
I'm not exaggerating.
They are so strong they would drag me face first across our apartment complex jumping on children.
So, I typically try to walk them one at a time.
They weren't having it. Ginger BOLTED from the front door while I was trying to get Jackson a leash.
This apparently caused her to loose her mind. And her hearing... because she had NO INTENTION of listening to me, or coming back.
So, there I go chasing her. Yelling her name (and my plan to beat her into tomorrow if I ever caught her). Please keep in mind I was in a dress and my favorite target sandals. RIP favorite target sandals, because you are now dead. Destroyed by my slipping (falling) down a hill and snapping your adorable little leather strap right off.

The day went on from there to include a middle of the night fever, doggies snorting under my door to ensure I didn't sleep. Lots of tears (mine and E's) and at least one sleeping location change.

Have I mentioned how much I love having a daughter that is opinionated and sassy?
Oh, I haven't? Good, because it is NOT TRUE!
This morning we fought about brushing her hair. Eventually, she asked for a pony, only to change her mind 5 minutes late and want it "up, but down" which is half up half down. When I told her no, because I will not be bullied into changing hair styles at the whim of a 3 year old... and EPIC tantrum ensued. I know she was tired, but I literally drug her out of the house kicking and screaming at the TOP OF HER TINY, SASSY LUNGS.

Had Jason been home, that would have never happened.
When he travels I beg for patience.
I beg for the ability to take a deep breath and manage it all.
I beg for a full nights sleep.

Then, I see this beautiful little face and realize how incredibly luck I am to have her. My very own pansy picker, my future DDD. How cute is her little sorority girl pose? I have visions of her singing bumpity bump dancing through my head....

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A day of love. presents. kisses. tantrums. and a house.

We're only a little over half way through the day, officially, and it's already been a pretty full day! Today is my 4th Mother's day as a Mommy. Each year I continue to feel more blessed for my healthy, smart, sassy little girl. She is beautiful. kind. and stubborn. She is mine.

I woke up at 8am! Sleeping in! The first and best gift of all. I got presents (new fab Stella & Dot jewlery, thanks Laura for helping Jason pick out the perfect pieces). I got snuggles courtesy of my girl and my two furbabies. And I got an amazing Steak and Eggs breakfast cooked at home.

On our way to church we go the best news of all! We've been on the house hunt for a while now. We've lost a few houses already and it's been a really emotional process that I have not really enjoyed. But, yesterday we saw the perfect house! It is in the neighborhood we want to live in. From the outside, it looks like the house we always wanted. And has a small nook in the master that I can call my own! I hesitated to share the find with anyone, but am THRILLED TO SHARE that our offer on the house WAS ACCEPTED!  We are officially under contract on a large, beautiful, amazing home!

The front of the house. That beautiful tree will provide a lot of natual shade.

Formal living room and dining room, as you walk in.

Small family room right off the kitchen. Love that fireplace. We'll use this, and the large family room in the basement.

That is a CA King in the huge master bedroom. Soo much space!

Look at that awesome desk on the back of the house! We can't wait to grill on this.

We feel so incredibly lucky to have found this home. It has so many features that we wanted and feel confident that it is going to be a great place to raise our family (and to have guests stay with us). We will keep you posted on how the process goes.

It has been an amazing day! It's gloomy, so we're making some crock pot chilli for dinner! The only thing that would make it better would be to be near my family in CA. I still get to have my girl with me today, but it makes me so sad for my mom that this is the first Mother's day we have not spent together. I am so lucky to have her in my life in such a huge way. She drives me crazy, but also kinda keeps me sane.

Wishing all of my mommy friends an amazing day filled with love. Motherhood is the most amazing gift and the hardest job one could understake. I'm still figuring it all out, but feel like that I have Emery and Jason on this journey with me.