Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Murphy's Law.

It never seems to fail...
When Jason travels all hell breaks loose in our house.
Last night was one of the days.
I was feeling great at work. I got a lot done. And left just early enough to head to target to pick up a few "necessities" for our new hours.
I swear, I'll share photos of that when we move in.
Then came the traffic.
We don't typically get crazy traffic in Denver.
One of my favorite things about the city.
But not yesterday. A cement truck turned over and apparently that creates complete and utter chaos.

Finally making it home to two very excited doggies.
I can't walk them together because they would kill me.
I'm not exaggerating.
They are so strong they would drag me face first across our apartment complex jumping on children.
So, I typically try to walk them one at a time.
They weren't having it. Ginger BOLTED from the front door while I was trying to get Jackson a leash.
This apparently caused her to loose her mind. And her hearing... because she had NO INTENTION of listening to me, or coming back.
So, there I go chasing her. Yelling her name (and my plan to beat her into tomorrow if I ever caught her). Please keep in mind I was in a dress and my favorite target sandals. RIP favorite target sandals, because you are now dead. Destroyed by my slipping (falling) down a hill and snapping your adorable little leather strap right off.

The day went on from there to include a middle of the night fever, doggies snorting under my door to ensure I didn't sleep. Lots of tears (mine and E's) and at least one sleeping location change.

Have I mentioned how much I love having a daughter that is opinionated and sassy?
Oh, I haven't? Good, because it is NOT TRUE!
This morning we fought about brushing her hair. Eventually, she asked for a pony, only to change her mind 5 minutes late and want it "up, but down" which is half up half down. When I told her no, because I will not be bullied into changing hair styles at the whim of a 3 year old... and EPIC tantrum ensued. I know she was tired, but I literally drug her out of the house kicking and screaming at the TOP OF HER TINY, SASSY LUNGS.

Had Jason been home, that would have never happened.
When he travels I beg for patience.
I beg for the ability to take a deep breath and manage it all.
I beg for a full nights sleep.

Then, I see this beautiful little face and realize how incredibly luck I am to have her. My very own pansy picker, my future DDD. How cute is her little sorority girl pose? I have visions of her singing bumpity bump dancing through my head....


  1. At any time during the chaos did you find yourself thinking "this will make excellent fodder for my blogging?" Because it did, dearest! Excited to come join the chaos for a few days and bring our own sassypants along! xoxo

  2. Actually, I did... until I had to pick E up from school with a 102.5 fever and then she shattered a tooth. Then, I just wanted to cry...