Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer has consumed us.

Well, I am fresh off of one of the busiest weekends in a long time! Emery is sleeping through the night now, unless she spends 4 hours screaming her head off. You kinda never know what you're going to get, but it will be one of the two. Needless to say, I'm exhausted...and confused. This past weekend we spend most of our time with cousin Madison. Emery and Madison are two peas in a pod. Madison loves her "baby" soooo much. And Emery loves her, from a distance. Should Madison hug or kiss jsut a little to long, Emery is sure to make sure that she, and the entire house know that she has had enough love. But, at the end of the day, when we sleep over and its time for bed...the girls are sure to be in bed together jumping up and down and desperatly trying to convince us they are old enough for a slumber party. Not quite yet ladies, but soon enough. We promise that there is a lifetime of Madison/Emery sleepovers in your future. I love seeing the two of them together, it truly warms my heart.
I also got to be a 13 year old girl this weekend. My sister and I attended the Backstreet Boys concert. Can I just tell you that it was AHHHHHH-mazing. I dancing like a crazy fool, singing every word to every song. Yes, I was and still am that girl. But, there songs got me through middle school, high school...and most of college. Most songs have a major life event attached to them that makes me smile. I can still remember the very first time I heard one of their songs. I was 12. It was Quit Playing Games with My Heart...and I fell in love. It has been a love affair of 13 years. And I met one of my best friends, Bri because of it. We often tell people we were "penpals" but the truth is we met in a BSB chat room on aol. The rest is a history of Felicity style voice tapes, letters, cards, photos, gifts, then trips to visits, meeting our husbands, weddings, and now babies. She is probably my oldest friend I love her to death!
Our weekend also consisted of swim lessons and the Long Beach Buyou Festival. Emery loved the water, but hated being held that long. She is fiercely independant. She also loved being a dancing queen with Madison at the Buyou Festival. Wow, those girls love to dance. It is so cute to watch.
This week I am off to Florida for FIVE NIGHTS of no crying baby, lots of pool time, and even more time with hundreds of Tri Deltas. I am attending our National Convention and I am sooo excited. Emery is home with Jason for some much needed Daddy time. And I am off for some much more needed me time. I can't wait to share is so much sisterhood, sun, and shopping!


Monday, June 14, 2010

I swear Emery has the busiest social calendar of any 15 month old I have ever met. This past weekend was nuts! Friday, Emery and I went to the beach with my mom group. Saturday was cousin Madison's 2nd birthday party at the art studio and Sunday we went to Disneyland. Whoa.
Emery is a nut for the water. She sees the oceans and runs for it like a crazy little beast! It is too cute! We have been doing a lot of really fun things with my mom group. It is so fun to have a variety of different activities, moms and kids to hang out with at least once a week! Plus, we do "mom only" fun stuff too! Which is even better!
I think I've discovered Emery's secret talent. Painting. Seriously, she saw the paint and the paper was went to work. She painted Jason and I a beautiful picture that I will be framing to put in my house. She loved it so much she decided to paint her Madison's birthday party was at Avery Boo Children's Art Studio in Bixby Knolls (in LB). It was honestly the most fun place ever. They had all kinds of things for the kids to do, in addition to painting. I have every intention of going back. I highly reccomend it. The kids ran around like little monsters playing for 2 hours and were not all that eager to leave. Madison got a ton of fabulous elmo gifts.... that is what is "in" for the kids right now. Elmo. You hand emery a mickey doll, she says elmo...she see a character on TV, she says elmo... well, really it's more of a "Mel-mo" but you get the idea.

Her language has really picked up. She says so many fun things now. Cheese. Shoes. Working on please. Elmo, of course...eyes. mommy (not just mama), daddy, doggie, kitty, done, yes, no... and some others...Right now her favorite is doggie and elmo. It goes in rotation really. She hadn't said eyes for about 2 weeks, then this weekend, she walked right up to me, pointed to my eye and said eye... funny how that works.

In just a couple of weeks I am leaving my girl for FIVE DAYS. I'm going to Orlando to attend the bi-annual convention for Tri Delta. I'm an advisor for my chapter and I am thrilled to be attending with the 3 collegiate women. However, leaving my girl for 5 days truly breaks my heart. Jason will be home with her, but mommy is always better. I've never been away that long.... we'll see who ends up more upset about it all, me or her... Needless to say, I'm taking at least one framed photo of my girl with me. Maybe one of her blankets too...

Summer is really upon us and we have a lot of fun adventures to share. Here's hoping you can keep up!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

summer is finally here!

I must apologize for not having any new photos of my girl to share with you. We have been so busy lately that either we always forget the camara or I haven't had a chance to upload the pictures yet.
Summer 2010 is already going to shape up to an amazing summer, and it just kicked off. We spent our memorial day busy as ever with dog beach, the swap meet, and a mom group play date. I was able to take some time out for a bridal shower and a girls movie night, while emery had some quality time with her daddy! This weekend another bridal shower, while Jason takes emery to a birthday pool party. Our summer is full with family photos, concerts, mommy group play dates, the Ojai water park with my sister... the river for labor day, and probably a lot more that I am forgetting.
I am so excited that we book our tickets to go to Nashville to visit our very dear friends, the Klahn's! They are expecting a little girl in July, Delaney. We can not wait to meet her! Emery is thrilled to meet her new best friend! Brienn and I have been friends for...gosh, like 13 years. We made it through high school and college together (but 1500 miles apart), got engaged and married within a year of eachother, and how we have little girls together. They are destin for a lifetime friendship together. We are so excited!
In just a few weeks, I'll be leaving emery overnight for the first time! I am going to Tri Delta convention in Orlando, FL on a redeye flight. She is staying the night with my Grandma, mom and sister and Jason will come home the next day. I have to admit that leaving her for 5 days truly breaks my heart. I'm thrilled to be spending so many days with my friends and Tri Delta sisters, but my girl needs me. I'm her mommy. ahhh.
I think this spring has provided me a lot of time to realize how lucky I am. I have the most wonderful husband and daughter. My family is more supportive than I could ever ask for. They watch emery all the time, showering her with love when I need to run errands or just get away. I have friends that are more family than "friend" They love my daugther and listen without judgement to the problems of the day. I get more excited to continue to share my life with those around me. And share Emery with people who love her, and she loves in return.
I lost my grandmother this spring. She was such an amazing and compassionate women. It was a wonderful reminder to thank those around you that provide support and make sure they know you love them. I miss my grandma every day. But, I know that she knew what she meant. We shared a birthday and an amazing connection. I'm so happy that she got to see emery born, crawl, walk and talk. She loved my little girl. Emery meant the world to her....