Monday, April 8, 2013

Mom Moment Monday

Things have been pretty quite around these parts. However, "in real life" we've been busier than ever!  I think we feel more settled here each day and each weekend. We're spending so much time with our CO friends, that I hardly have the time to document it. Which, for me, I guess is an awesome lesson. Life life, don't spend your life "documenting" life.

I'm so incredibly thankful for the friends we've made here. When we left such a wonderful group in CA I never thought we'd feel the same about any other group of people. Sure enough, we now have people we can call on for fun, or if we need someone to watch E so we can spend 3 hours at Home Depot.

We're so lucky to have found other families that care for our girl and have wonderful children that we care about in return.

In a wrap up of the last few weekends...we've:
-Had an easter egg hunt
-Had easter brunch
-Played well passed bedtime with friends from pre-school that live around the corner from us
-Roasted marshmallows in our new firepit
-Had breakfast, lunch, and dinner outside on the patio
-E started "gardening." And by gardening, I mean digging holes all over the yard
-Skipped bath times and ignored bed times for more playing and fun!
-Had a mommy-daughter date night at Disney on Ice (it was amazing, I totally recommend it)

The common theme has been being outside with friends. And while we are supposed to get SLAMMED with snow for the next few days, I can keep in my heart the promise of spring and what wonderful outdoor memories we're making!

We've cuddled more. Fought less. And generally are just more appreciative of our little family (and our friends). E and I are coming to terms with her clothing issues. On Saturday she wore a pink dress with her Cowgirl Jesse hat. She looked ridiculous, and like she was a 4 year old that picked out her entire outfit herself. And, she got lots of compliments from the stores we went to....And, I'm coming to terms with not caring about it.

I'm a control freak. No denying it. My poor husband... It is truly a daily struggle to manage it and how it affects my little girl. But, each day is a little easier when I work on it.


It goes right along with being a control freak. I'm getting better. I think.... breathe...

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