Monday, February 22, 2010

Emery is one, and we survived.

Well, we are just two weeks away from my little girl turning 1. Who can believe it?! This time last year I was crying daily because I couldn't sleep, was nesting like crazy, finishing up my last few days at St. Jude, and waddling...full time. It's hard to believe that in one year my little girl has gone from 8 pounds to 23, and grown 9 1/2 inches. She amazes me daily with how quickly she learns and how sassy she is, already. Jason and I are really in for it. She loves books, our dogs, clothes, eating, and being tickled by daddy. She is strong willed and compassionate. She is the best of Jason and I and we are so thankful that she is ours. She loves her cousin and friends as well as her aunts, and grandparents. There has never been a little girl more loved, and boy does she know it. This has been the most exhausting and rewarding year of my life. I can not wait to celebrate her first birthday with Tutus and all those that we love. Holy cow, I'm the mommy of a one year old....
And just a few of our favorite photos from the photo sesh... they are also all posted on my facebook.