Friday, August 31, 2012

When the reply all goes terribly wrong.

The organization I work for has a serious problem with the "reply all." We celebrate the most ridiculous thing with a "reply all" and a call for "boas." Yes, boas. There is apparently a hilarious story behind the boas, that only a very small handful of people still here were a part of. And yet, we boa. Even the men. Not a fan of boas from the dollar tree that come apart all over my floor.

But back to my point. Recently there was a discussion sent to the entire organization (men included) about the decor of the women's restroom. Should I mention that this chain included our CEO, also a man?

I am not joking when I say that this discussion went on for nearly 20 reply alls. It included a recommendation jokingly? suggesting we take a page from the walmart restrooms decor, including specific walmart site locations. At some point in the afternoon the entire office took the ugly wreath to the back parking lot and bashed it like a pinata. But, eventually, we ended up with the relocation of the economy sized box of seemingly never used maxipads to under the sink, a step up from the shelf next to the printer they previously lived.

Excuse me, maxi thins. And please, do not crush.

We also got this beautiful rendition of Mona Lisa.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tales from my dog walk

I decided to take my sweet dog, Ginger on a walk this evening because I'd line to be less "fluffy" and because it was such a beautiful Colorado evening. Ginger actually did awesome. She was seriously smiling and I felt great when I got home. Let's just ignore the pizza we ended up having for dinner, due to a snafu with dinner...

However, we did have a minor incident. I may have nearly ended up face first in the gravel. Why you ask? Well it wasn't the major street of traffic, the cars or the variety of dogs we passed.

It was a butterfly. Yes friends, a butterfly made my dog lose her mind.

You see I happen to have two giant Labradors that fetch only about half the time and have luke warm feelings towards birds. But butterflies. Butterflies will make them lose their shit. That, and squirrels in trees.

In fact, Jackson has actually leaped in the air like a kangaroo while frolicking after a butterfly. Ginger likes to eat them.

I am lucky to be alive. I made it mostly unscathed, minus the blister on my baby toe that I got from taking a 30 minute walk in TOMS. Ugh.

So, unless an intruder tries to break into my house dressed like a butterfly, I'm pretty much screwed. awesome.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Daddy's little helper

My wordless Wednesday shot of the week. Daddy's little tool helper.
Too cute, right?!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bedtime routine

Despite my love of all things organization, we've never really had a bedtime routine in our family. I never had one as a kid and I pretty much just went to bed when I was tired. I didn't have a nap schedule and there was no set story time.

This worked fine for a while, but it also set us up for a lot of tears at bedtime. Just 5 more minutes was a common phrase in our house. So, now that we're in our first home we have developed a bedtime routine. This is as much for E's benefit, because she'll have an expectation of a timeline, but it is for Jason and I too.

See, we moved into our first two-story house. Really, including our basement (which is awesome and our primary TV/family room), it's basically 3 stories. That is a lot of stairs and distance between sweet E and us. In fact, if we were to put her to bed in her room, we couldn't even hear her crying in the basement. Not ok.

So, now bed time goes a little something like this (depending on when we get around to bath time)

7:45(ish): Daddy does bath, Mommy does dishes
8:15 (ish): Out of the tub, jammies, hair brush, silly/cuddle time
8:30 (ish): Potty & teeth brushing
8:35: Story time, big hugs, big kisses, more cries for hugs/kisses, picking of the stuffed toy, night night It looks a little something like this...

I should mention that a significant portion of our routine is dedicated to this sassy black cat, Manny. He has made it his mission to love on our girl... even when she is sleeping. So, he has incorporated himself into bedtime with cuddles and trying to wrap around her head on the pillow...

Then, rather than retreat back to the TV, Jason and I usually head across the hall to our room. I have made a big deal about not having a TV in our room and after 6 years of marriage, we've stuck to it. Prior to being this our house, we would have sat for at least another hour in front the TV. NOW, we have a conversation, read a book, occasionally watch a movie/TV show on the kindle. It's kind of awesome. We're loving it.

This routine has made each of us better. We use a countdown system from about 10 minutes to kick off the routine and that makes he feel more in control. She has the opportunity to finish up whatever activity she is working on and be "ready" for bed.

PS. I promise to have pics of her super cute room up soon. Just a few final details that are coming together.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Mom Moment

Lots of bloggers have regular topics that they talk about each week... "what I wore wednesday" "menu plan monday" etc. I don't really thing those are for me, but I am loving the idea of a Monday Mom Moment. The rest of the week will certainly include moments of motherhood, but it will be an opportunity to take a few of my favorite humorous moments and share them all at once... the emery-isms and other funny things that being a mommy brings to my life.

A conversation with a 3 year old:

E: Mommy, can I get one of those toys? (pointing at a mid-mall vendor cart)
Me: Maybe another day.
E: But Mommy, I never get anything!!
Me: E, you JUST got two new headbands!
E: But Mommy, I never get any toys, I have nothing to play with!
Me: You have a whole house full of toys you never play with...
E: But Mommy, I don't have one of those toys...
Me: Oh my....

When Jason travels, this is the sweet face that I get to wake up to. Doesn't get much better than this....

Friday, August 24, 2012

surviving headbands

E has recently decided that she is done with ponytails and bows and ready for headbands. The only problem with this situation is our total lack of headbands to wear...except for 2- purple with a bow and silver glitter.

This morning when spending WAY too long deciding between her two headbands for the day, E declared she needed headbands in EVERY color- but first on the list was pink glitter. I got her to pick the purple headband for the day and assured her that I was look for a pink glitter headband.

Fast forward a few hours and I'm trolling the aisles at Target searching for a headband. We should note that it was my second trip to Target for the day, 4th for the week. I need a TA (Target Anonymous) meeting, I swear.

Anyways... I found what I thought was an adorable pink headband. In fact, I was so excited  I text the picture below to the hubs to share my find. I was sure that E was be satisfied.

I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

Feeling rather proud of myself I picked up E from pre-school, totally confident of my purchase. Immediately in the car, E asks if I found her pink glitter headband. And it went something like this:

E: Mommy, did you get my pink glitter headband?
Me: Well, I found this adorable pink headband with this really cute bow! Isn't it adorable?
E: Well, mommy, it's pink, but it doesn't have any glitter.
Me: E, it's so cute, don't you love it? I love it!
E: :::handing it back to me::: Mommy, there is NO glitter. Let's go to the store and find one with glitter.

And, off to Claire's Accessories we went. Yes, that happened.

It was at that point that I discovered why my own mom never wanted to enter that store. I should have known when tweens were pouring in and out of the store. And there were Justin Beiber pillows in the window display.

We looked at one, then another display of flowered headbands and what I thought were many, many glitter headbands only to be told "Ummm, no I think that these are not what I want." It got to the point when I thought we were going to go home empty handed, when I spotted a glorious racked of bedazzled headbands in all colors. We narrowed it down to one purple, one pink and got the heck out of there as fast as possible.

And that adorable happy face, my friends is exactly why I love to spoil my girl. Is she maybe a bit spoiled? Sure. But, in her defense, she is an awesome kid. She is kind, smart, loving. She loves to learn, to be a helper, and have special cuddle time.

However, rest assured, I am going to avoid Claire's like the plague. What a nightmare....

PS. Looking for other fun blogs to read? Check out coffee dates here.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Things that make me laugh out loud

It's not uncommon for me to find myself seeking a bit of comic relief on any given afternoon (or morning, or mid day...). I truly find that a few good laughs will snap me out of my work day funk and get me back on track. I have a few "go to" spots for humor. Indulge me and have a laugh.

PS I recommend that you visit these in a place that accepts loud laughter. Because you will be laughing...

Dog Shaming: I think you have to be a dog owner to appreciate this. Sometimes our dogs are assholes. They do naughty things, but are rarely outed for their bad behavior...until now.

The Bloggess: If you haven't heard of Jenny Lawson you don't have a soul, or don't appreciate humor, and you certainly haven't heard of Beyonce, the metal chicken. Her summer book "Let's pretend this never happened" was likely the funniest book I've ever met, and it made me feel a little less bad about my own crazy family....

Damn you autocorrect: The other day my phone autocorrected inconvenience to incontinence. And THAT is why this site exists and is funny...

Pinterest - my humor board. It is an awesome place for me to collect really fun images to look at later. I often collect them in the afternoon at work, then go home and share them with Jason. 15 minutes in the humor section of pinterest and I'm good to go mentally for the rest of the day... - in the humor section, or specifically, my humor board.

I assure you, this is me laughing at these hilarious sites...
(or it's Jason and I laughing about who knows what on our date night last Friday... either way, it's emphasizing how much you will laugh by checking these out.)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hello Date Night!

One of the hardest parts about moving 1,200 miles from family has certainly been free babysitting and therefore our regular date nights. Back in CA, sometimes that meant a night out with friends, dinner alone, or honestly, just a night at home without E. Regardless, date night was plentiful. Not anymore ladies and gentlemen. Let me tell you, babysitters are expensive. So, think about dinner and a move: $80, plus $15 an hour in babysitting. That adds up quickly.

Needless to say, we aren't doing to many date nights. In fact, our last adventure away was to Vegas with my TN bestie in March. And before that, a concert in FEBRUARY!! But, with my family in town this past weekend, we were able to sneak away one evening to celebrate a friend's birthday downtown. We haven't really spent any time "downtown" since moving to CO. We didn't really know most of the people we were out celebrating with, but being that it was mostly a group of parents escaping our kids for the night, it was a good time.

We probably spent far too long talking about our kiddos, but it was still awesome to not have to worry about potty breaks or bed time.

Date night really is an opportunity for us to remind ourselves that once upon a time we were just a couple of kids in love. We don't always have to be mommy and daddy. And, it's important for E to see that we are happy and connected. She needs a special relationship with each of us individually, and we need a relationship without her. It's hard, but it is totally necessary. We're all better off because of it.

Our move has been stressful. Becoming homeowners is stressful. Our life can certainly be stressful. So a night off was much needed, even if we were grouchy and tired on Saturday.

And, because we're getting crazy....we're heading out again on Saturday. This time we have to pay a babysitter, but we got our "date night" activity for crazy cheap, so it all balances out. We're headed to a local "doggy boutique" to take a painting lesson and drink some wine.

Date night is back! And it couldn't have returned any sooner to our lives.

Welcome back date night, oh, how I've missed you....

Monday, August 20, 2012

Our weekend in photos

My family came to visit this weekend from CA. We were thrilled to share our home and new city with them. E and her cousin had more fun than anyone playing pretty much until they fell over at night. I love seeing this two little girls love one eachother. They are such besties and have been since the begining. It's just too bad they don't get to spend every day together.... We don't have much time to explore CO ourselves, so when friends and family come to visit we get to check our new fun places in our new home...

It was a wonderful weekend, but I have to say, having a quiet evening on Sunday was just what we needed to get ready for the week...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

LOST: my collarbones.

One of the best parts of moving has been the opportunity to go through some of my boxes that had spent the last year in boxes in our garage.

I love looking at old pictures. memories of amazing times in my life. with friends, some of which have left my life, and others that have remained strong as ever. I even love looking at the albums from college which have since been put into the hope chest never to be seen again.... at least until Emery has long since moved out. I have no intention of giving her any ideas of how to experience college the way I did. However, with her being my child, and her love for dancing, I'm sure she'll figure out how to dance on tables just fine.

Life changed a lot when I got married, all for the best, except for the thing. The loss of my collarbones. Once upon a time I had to walk at least a mile a day around my giant university campus to get to class. Once upon a time I danced a lot. Once upon a time I didn't enjoy watching reality tv so much (ok, well maybe I did...).

So... I may have added a few LBs once I walked down the aisle and said "I do." Then, I got real crazy and decided to have a baby. It was during those 9 months that I kissed my collarbones and flat tummy goodbye.

In memory, I have decided to post an ode to my collarbones and flat tummy. They were lovely. And are truly missed.

Bestie and I during my first visit to TN, summer of 2004. Check out Bri over at Klahnsense
Spring break 2004 with my girl V over at City Life to Ranching Wife

Big Sis revealing, Fall 2004

Bestie, Kacie and I, Spring 2005

However, I remember when I got all of these photos thinking about how heavy I thought I was. Clearly I was either blind, crazy, or just your average 20 year old college student. Even though I am a bit chubbier these days... I am a lot happier and more comfortable in my own skin. Clearly that comes with age. Although, I would trade just a little of it for some collarbones back. =) I kid, I kid.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Proof that we can, in fact, all get a long.

That's right people. That would be my snarky, cocky cat licking my nervous pooches ears. These two have not had a positive start in our home. Lots of hissing, chasing, and general upheaval...

That is the look of harmony in our home!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just call me C-sizzle

Love the picture? Yeah, me too. I spent the day at a golf tournament raising money for The Retriever Rescue of Colorado. So please excuse my frizz ball hair.

However, I have to assume that you're totally jealous of my amazeball silver tooth. That's right. Silver crown. I just finished the 3rd of a 4 step root canal/crown process.

This story just keeps getting better, right?

They did not tell me that the 3rd step involved a temportat SILVER crown. Rest assured that in just THREE short weeks I'll have a tooth colored crown.

And to make me feel better, the dental assistant told me that for someone that has "as much work as I've had, I have white teeth." I take offense to that on SO many different levels.

But... for now, just call me C-Sizzle.

Monday, August 13, 2012

It's my party and I'll blog if I want to.

Well, no actual party here, but I will blog if I want to.

It's my birthday! And, it's already awesome because I got to sleep in past 6:30am. And shower alone. You mamas out there know how rare that is. But, I didn't get to have my breakfast to myself. E set her sights on my toast and basically jedi mind tricked me into giving her a bite.

It's only 10:30am and I've already received an outpouring of love via calls, texts, emails and FB love. Being so far away from my family and most of my friends makes this birthday all together different. But, if I've learned anything in the past year it's that friendships are not defined by your geographical location. I have managed to maintain friendships with my best girl friends (Heather, Kacie, Bri, Kirsten... and a few others) from afar. And while we're not apart of each others daily lives right now, they are always in my heart. I'm lucky to have the type of girlfriends where we can pick up right where we left off after a week or many months.

This, marking my 28th year, has been one of the most trying and rewarding to date. We moved 1,200 miles away from our comfort zone, bought a house, and traveled, a lot, back home. We continue to adjust to our new life, but are starting to find our community and our stride in our new home. The coming year has so much to offer our family and I continue to be so thankful. I have the most amazing partner to shower me with love on my birthday (even if I did still have to clean out the litter box...). I got cuddles with my perfect girl this morning... and the reminder that as I get older, I get wiser, most comfortable in my own skin, and happier with the life I've created.

But, because my mom would not want me to go without sharing my entry into the world...I will gladly share with you how I am told each year that I join us.

From my mom: "I missed the 1984 Olympics in LA, our backdoor, because you refused to be born. I had a terrible time the last few weeks because I had toxemia, and it was the hottest summer in Long Beach in 25 years. Once I finally went in to have you (15 days late) I was in hard labor for more hours than I can remember. Finally they told me I could have a c-section or come back tomorrow. I told them to get that damn baby out of me. And, I was back to work 2 weeks later. I only had one child because you came first."

Now isn't that the most blissful birth story. Basically, she had toxemia and her body was rejecting me... great.

Now my grandma gia: "Nobody ever wanted you as much as you grandpa and I did. We waited all day to see you and loved you already. In fact, we were there the morning you and your mom were able to go home before anyone had her things ready to go home. You were the most beautiful baby in the hospital and your grandpa and I were the most proud we could be."

I suppose 24 hours of hard labor will skew your memory of the birth a little, eh?

Despite all the birthday love and wishes, my favorite part of this day has always been the fact that I shared it with my Grandma Dotzie. She always said my mom was the best daughter-in-law for giving her the greatest birthday present. It was something special that we shared. My grandma doztie passed away a little over two years ago. And I miss her everyday, but today I think of her the most. I miss her everyday. She was a wonderful grandmother who, if she had nothing else to give, would always give me love and a listening ear.

I celebrate my birthday today, and I celebrate it with my grandma in my heart.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Sunday!

We have been very busy this weekend... Still with he unpacking and all. But we are far enough along to start adding some decor to the house. Which is my favorite part. I've spent several months collecting a few things here and there. I promise more on that will be coming.

Our dogs have been troopers in the whole move. To say that we love them and they are family is an understatement. Quite frankly, they're spoiled.

In really is a tough life being a dog in the Blaylock family....

Friday, August 10, 2012

The daddy/daughter bond

One of my favorite things as a mother is to see my daughter form this undeniable bond with her Daddy. It's very different than the mommy - daughter bond. It has a lot more giggles. It has a lot more secrets. To be honest, it seems like a lot more fun.

As a mom, I am responsible for kissing the boo boos, mending her broken heart, and maintaining her sense of security. I end up with the tough conversations. I've already covered race, marriage and boobs. Daddy would prefer to not admit that she will ever have boobs or get married. He recently told me that she shouldn't be shaving her legs until she is 15. To which I responded, you let me deal with girl parts and issues. I may have thrown in that if we have a boy, he can deal with discussing playboy and boy parts.

Daddy, on the other hand, gets to shower her with a new stuffed toy for every zoo visit. I'm not jealous of their relationship, but I have to acknowledge that Daddy gets to be the first man she every loves.

I didn't ever necessarily have this relationship growing up, making it even more special to see. It makes me love and appreciate my husband in a new way. He has always taken amazing care of me, and my heart, but to see him devote his life to a little girl makes me smile just thinking about it. Then, seeing him try to do a pony tail makes me laugh. But, he loves his little girl and is the Daddy that gets disappointed when he can't watch dance class.

I look forward to continuing to see their secret relationship grow. I'm ok being on the outside of this one.

 How cute are these two?

And, in closing, I have to share a daddy-themed Emery-ism

E: Daddy is a boy, because I needed a daddy.

And, folks, there you have it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is hoarding genetic?

This morning E went downstairs early and was playing while Jason and I got ready for work... She's old enough now where I typically don't really worry about her downstairs unattended. In fact, the past few days she has fed the cat just to be "a helper."

But, this morning, she found herself zip lock bag in the pantry and filled it up with all of her treasures. My girl LOVES treasures. She collects hair boys, jewelry, small toys, really anything she finds small value in and puts them in boxes, purses, and bags. In addition to her treasures, she loves containers. And she fills them up, taking them in and out for regular inspection.

exhibit A

I have to say, I remember doing this a lot as a kid. I loved purses, boxes and containers and I would put my stickers and other "treasures" of my own. I would hide the boxes for fear that someone would find them. I still have boxes of treasures from middle and high school that contain movie ticket stubs from girls nights and my first "date." There are playbills and programs from my old dance shoes. And lots of pictures!

In fact, last night while unpacking boxes (yes, unpacking, still) I filled up my hope chest with boxes of pictures, picture albums from college and small mementos I treasured once upon a time. I ended up sitting on the floor with boxes and albums spread out around me just enjoying what once was. And, I may have sent a number of awesome pictures to friends and family to remember how skinny we all were before marriage and babies. I promise to share a few of the best in a future blog.

But back to my point. I think hoarding is genetic. My mom and grandma both love bags, suitcases, containers, purses. And, as much as we love those, we love to fill them up! My grandma has dresser drawers filled with little containers, each holding an individual piece of jewelry. My mom has purchased 3 suitcases of the same size in recent years. And she has a specific bag for each places she regularly travels with it's own set of travel necessities.

So, I guess we're all cut from the same cloth. I often feel my girl is so much like me and it warms my heart. It's even more amazing to think how blessed she is to have a little bit of two of the most important women in her (and my) life, even if it is a little bit of hoarding that has made it's way down the genetic pool.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My future dancer, seriously proud mommy moment

Shame on me for taking over 3 weeks to finally share E's first dance class. This move has been longer and more exhausting than I expected. With so much house it is easy to just walk passed boxes rather than put them away... But, alas, I share with you one of my most memorable parenting moments to date.

But, first, I really have to share why this is such a big deal for me. I took dance lessons at a local studio, Center Stage Dance Academy in Long Beach, for 9 years. What started as a recommendation from my childhood psychologist (long story, different blog), became something that truly helped me survive those dreaded teenage years. At one point, between school and the studio, I was dancing 6 days a week. I was never happier.

I was a particularly awkward and angry teenager. I had a "mid-life" crisis at 14, didn't speak to one of my parents for months at a time, and was generally pretty awful. But, the studio was my refuge. Even the time I told my dance teacher she needed to point her toes. In retrospect, I was lucky to not have been kicked out. But, I also think they had some understanding that I was having a tougher time than normal navigating that time in my life and gave me some extra slack.

I wasn't particularly good. I wasn't terrible either. But my family always said you could tell I was happiest when I was performing.. they are probably right. There was something about dance class that put my heart as ease. I am eternally thankful for my teachers at Center Stage for giving me such an amazing gift. The morning after my grandfather passed away - freshman year of college - rather than stay home with my family, I went to dance. I didn't actually dance for the first of my 3 scheduled classes that day. I just sat at the front, listening to the music and going through the motions and my emotions in my head. Eventually that day I was able to release a lot of my sadness and confusion through my classes.

Those 9 years I look back on with amazing affection. I feel so grateful to my grandmother for footing the expensive bill for classes, costumes, shoes, attire, competitions, etc. She gave me the greatest gift I could have asked for.

So, when I found out that I was going to have a little girl, I had these amazing visions of signing her up for her first class at 3 1/2 at Center Stage. We have been having dance parties at home since she was an infant. I dreamed of working backstage and her taking classes from my old teachers. But, then we moved a year prior to her being able to take classes. It was one of the things I mourned the most about our move.

And now we're taking it slow, trying out classes at our local parks & rec to see how she does. We'll likely do this for another year or so, then dive into finding a studio. I truly don't believe any studio will match mine, but I need to find one that will let little girls me little girls. One that doesn't use inappropriate music or costumes on 6 year olds....

But, right now she is running around dancing to Disney Princess songs. And loving every second of it. I was in awe of seeing my little girl love dance the way that I used to. It was the best feeling in the world.

Ready for "dancer class"

Doing her "dancer" pose.

Ready for "dancer class"

And because any good "dance mom" must have her first class on video. Here's a short clip. I swear she has a real future in this! =)

And one more... because I'm shameless!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Explaining race to a 3 year old

Apparently this year is the year of tough conversations with E. Before this weekend we had covered bubbies, marriage, and plenty of potty talk.
However, I think this weekend's tough conversation takes the cake. But, first a little background.

E has two friends with the same name: Ryleigh, from school, and Riley, my girlfriends daughter. Ryleigh is her best friend and happens to be African American. Riley, is white. Just have two friends with the same name is confusing. Trying to explain who we are talking about has always been "Ryleigh from school" and just "Riley."

We were going to the zoo on Sunday with "just Riley" and told E that on Saturday night as an incentive to go to bed. Then, she asked if we were going to the zoo with "brown Ryleigh." I swear I nearly died. We have never, nor would we ever, refer to Ryleigh that way. I know E had no idea what she was saying, but I nearly died. I'm sure it is a simple observation that her little brain made. I let it go this time and just explained that we weren't going with Ryleigh from school. I hoped she wouldn't say it again.

But... she did.

So, I sat her down and tried the best I could to explain to my three year old why referring to someone as "brown Ryleigh" was unkind. It went something like this...

Me: "Emery, we really shouldn't call Ryleigh, brown Ryleigh" It's not kind
E. Why?
Me: Well, we shouldn't use the way someone looks to describe them. That's why we call her Ryleigh from school.
E: oh...
Me: See, we wouldn't call you "brown eyed Emery..."
E: I have brown eyes like Daddy, and you have Green eyes
Me: That's right. We all look kinda like our mommys and daddys. Ryleigh looks like her mommy and daddy. And sometimes we have different hair, eyes, or skin than our friends. Everyone is just a little different. That's why we're all special.
E: Ryleigh's my best friend.
Me: That's right. And you and Ryleigh look different from each other and from all the kids in your class. Does that make sense?
E: yes
Me: Ok, let's not use the way someone looks to talk about them. It might hurt their feelings.

Then she asked to watch Tangled... and ran off.

I have no idea how much of that sunk in. She's 3, she truly doesn't have any concept of race. But, I would hate for someone to hear that and think that she does. Or that it is taught, but that is certainly not the case.

How else could I help her understand? I was seriously not expecting this conversation for a while. Just add that to the list. She has also recently asked in passing why she was in my tummy before she was a baby. Let's be clear, I have no intention of having THAT conversation for a while...

And, according to her father she isn't shaving her legs or getting a bra until she is 15... 

Emery and Riley at the zoo this weekend, looking at Gorillas. These two are so cute together!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Today's Emery-isms

E: Mommy, come here. *sniff, sniff* Ugh, your face stinks.

E: Mommy, I love Jackson and Ginger and Manny. But Manny doesn't love Jackson and Ginger. He's not kind to them.

E: Mommy, come with me.
Me: where?
E: To the bathroom to watch me pee


You're welcome.