Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hello Date Night!

One of the hardest parts about moving 1,200 miles from family has certainly been free babysitting and therefore our regular date nights. Back in CA, sometimes that meant a night out with friends, dinner alone, or honestly, just a night at home without E. Regardless, date night was plentiful. Not anymore ladies and gentlemen. Let me tell you, babysitters are expensive. So, think about dinner and a move: $80, plus $15 an hour in babysitting. That adds up quickly.

Needless to say, we aren't doing to many date nights. In fact, our last adventure away was to Vegas with my TN bestie in March. And before that, a concert in FEBRUARY!! But, with my family in town this past weekend, we were able to sneak away one evening to celebrate a friend's birthday downtown. We haven't really spent any time "downtown" since moving to CO. We didn't really know most of the people we were out celebrating with, but being that it was mostly a group of parents escaping our kids for the night, it was a good time.

We probably spent far too long talking about our kiddos, but it was still awesome to not have to worry about potty breaks or bed time.

Date night really is an opportunity for us to remind ourselves that once upon a time we were just a couple of kids in love. We don't always have to be mommy and daddy. And, it's important for E to see that we are happy and connected. She needs a special relationship with each of us individually, and we need a relationship without her. It's hard, but it is totally necessary. We're all better off because of it.

Our move has been stressful. Becoming homeowners is stressful. Our life can certainly be stressful. So a night off was much needed, even if we were grouchy and tired on Saturday.

And, because we're getting crazy....we're heading out again on Saturday. This time we have to pay a babysitter, but we got our "date night" activity for crazy cheap, so it all balances out. We're headed to a local "doggy boutique" to take a painting lesson and drink some wine.

Date night is back! And it couldn't have returned any sooner to our lives.

Welcome back date night, oh, how I've missed you....


  1. Great post, this is what I'm posting about Thursday over on my bloggy! Great minds think alike! PS - so glad you are able to get back to date nights, they are SO important! xoxo

  2. We actually have another scheduled for Saturday. A happy hour/painting class type of thing. And, we're signing E up for a weekly sunday night activity class at our church... so we can 1 1/2 hours of kid free time each sunday! woop woop!