Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is hoarding genetic?

This morning E went downstairs early and was playing while Jason and I got ready for work... She's old enough now where I typically don't really worry about her downstairs unattended. In fact, the past few days she has fed the cat just to be "a helper."

But, this morning, she found herself zip lock bag in the pantry and filled it up with all of her treasures. My girl LOVES treasures. She collects hair boys, jewelry, small toys, really anything she finds small value in and puts them in boxes, purses, and bags. In addition to her treasures, she loves containers. And she fills them up, taking them in and out for regular inspection.

exhibit A

I have to say, I remember doing this a lot as a kid. I loved purses, boxes and containers and I would put my stickers and other "treasures" of my own. I would hide the boxes for fear that someone would find them. I still have boxes of treasures from middle and high school that contain movie ticket stubs from girls nights and my first "date." There are playbills and programs from my old dance shoes. And lots of pictures!

In fact, last night while unpacking boxes (yes, unpacking, still) I filled up my hope chest with boxes of pictures, picture albums from college and small mementos I treasured once upon a time. I ended up sitting on the floor with boxes and albums spread out around me just enjoying what once was. And, I may have sent a number of awesome pictures to friends and family to remember how skinny we all were before marriage and babies. I promise to share a few of the best in a future blog.

But back to my point. I think hoarding is genetic. My mom and grandma both love bags, suitcases, containers, purses. And, as much as we love those, we love to fill them up! My grandma has dresser drawers filled with little containers, each holding an individual piece of jewelry. My mom has purchased 3 suitcases of the same size in recent years. And she has a specific bag for each places she regularly travels with it's own set of travel necessities.

So, I guess we're all cut from the same cloth. I often feel my girl is so much like me and it warms my heart. It's even more amazing to think how blessed she is to have a little bit of two of the most important women in her (and my) life, even if it is a little bit of hoarding that has made it's way down the genetic pool.

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  1. D loves doing that too. And this is just one of many traits she inherited from you, mama!!