Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! <3 the blaylock family

love my cowgirl jessie

almost ready for boofest at school

One of my favorite pictures ever of my two favorite people.

Denver Children's Museum Hallween Festival

Me and my cowgirl

I missed Emery's boo fest at school, but apparently it was a huge success!  She had a lot of fun playing with her friends from school.  Then, on Sunday we visited our local children's museum.  They had a lot of fun activities for kids Emery's age and she really enjoyed finding another cowgirl jessie!

We decided not to trick or treat this year, mostly because Emery is still pretty shy.  Maybe next year.  But, we still had some great family time and really enjoyed the holiday.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We're not in California anymore...

I think these photos speak for themselves...

All decked out in snow gear for school.... first CO snow storm

Yup, that is our car under all that snow.

Cutest. Snow. Bunny. Ever.


Monday, October 24, 2011

A little better every day.

Things I am loving today.

... the possibility of experiencing a real fall.
... family walks around our new neighborhood.
... spontanious skype sessions with loved ones.
...smoothie time.
...planning a night out with a dear friend for Saturday. couch.  seriously, it's massive and amazing.
...tricking my child into drinking milk by putting it in a smoothie.
...fall clothes:  sweaters, scarves, & boots
...snuggle time with my girl.

and because I feel the need to complain a bit.

a few things that I don't love.
... the snow storm heading to Colorado.
...desperatly missing my friends.
...not having all my regular "things" here.. eye brow person, doctors, nail places, etc. 

And, because I know you want to see a picture of our perfect girl... She was singing us a song she learned in music class.

Look how long her hair is getting!  It's even longer in the back.  Now here's the question, to cut or not her hair? 


Sunday, October 23, 2011

A few new amazing things for our home.

When we first moved into our apartment, we had talked about not putting anything up on the walls.  We're in a transitional apartment for only 10 months.  Since we were moving 1,100 from home and to an unfamiliar area, we decided to wait until next summer to buy.  That way we could explore the Greater Denver area and find a community that is right for us.  Well, we hit the jackpot on the first try and have fallen in love with Littleton.  It is the perfect, family friendly community with excellent schools.  The homes are beautiful and totally affordable.  Needless to stay we've been here a little over a month and I'm dying because I'd love to be in a home of our own.
And, now with the passing of our beloved Carley, we will likely wait until we have a yard to get a companion dog for Jackson.
So... fast forward a few weeks and I'm sick of plan white walls.  I'm dying to actually feel like I live here.  I need to be surrounded by pictures of those I love, amazing colors, and fabulous places.  We're taking our time this time around with decorating.  I'll wait until I find the perfect piece, even if it is a few weeks and a bit more money.  I want to love the items in our home.

Below is our living room.  I'm still dying because I HATE the white walls, but I love our couch and the pillows... and I love the few pictures we've put up.  We have a lot more, including a great one of downtown Long Beach from the 1930s, but we just don't have the wall space.
 You can't entirely see how massive our couch is... but Jason, Emery, Jackson AND I can lay down with plenty of room.  It has a huge chase and ottoman.

I knew in our bedroom I wanted some really bright colors in our rooms.  With cold, snowy winters I figured this would give me a little piece of home.  We've had this bedroom set for over 4 years and the duvet isn't new either (bed, bath and beyond).  But everything else is.

Isn't it fabulous?
We're considering a new duvet, but I wanted tosee how it all came together before picking a color for that... Maybe darker?  Suggestions?
Subway signs: Marshall's in LB
j&c:  I made it!  Yellow paper, cute frame, and voila!

This is an original piece! =)  I actually got the burlap/canvas painted piece from my bestie, Kacie's church fundraiser.  It was in conjunction with a recent trip to India.  It wasn't actually for sale, but part of the event decor.  I loved it so much, I made an offer!  And, Jason built a frame for it today.  I seriously love it.  It's huge and is like sunshine.

Aren't these just the cutest collection of amazing?
Teal Pillow: local furnature store.  it actually has an amazing yellow, teal, and green print on the other side, but didn't really "go" once I got it home... but the back is purfect.
Chevron yellow/teal:  Amazing!  My bsbff, Bri, over at klahnsense, sent this to me as a house warming gift.  I know it's from etsy... I wish I could shout out the amazing creator.
Lime Green:  Ikea
"Home" and multi-flower pillows:  Just got them in the mail.  You can find these and other fab items over at Little Miss Momma

so excited to see what new things we'll continue to add to our home.  But, it is starting to feel like home.

It's been a really tough week.  The first really challenging week of having no family... with the passing of Carley and Emery being sick.  But, I've quickly realized what a wonderful work family that I've stumbled upon.  They've been so supportive and I am so thankful....


Sunday, October 9, 2011

I've been pretty silent on blogging and FB.. and life lately.  I've spent the past week getting caught up at my new job, getting used to our new schedule, and getting comfortable in our new home.  I am loving being back in a really creative non-profit and events enviroment.  Honestly, my brain hasn't worked this hard in a really long time.  My co-workers are so smart and talented.  Many are young moms.  I love being surounded by other amazing and hard working mommies.  It's helpful knowning that if Emery was up all night, or Jason is traveling... and it's 2pm and I'm running on empty, they get it.  And they are supportive. 
I'm thankful for this job for a lot of reasons.  Obviously, we have bills to pay, so financially it's amazing.  But, to have support and encouragement by these fabulous professionals is fantastic.  We have awesome brainstorming sessions and great conversation about work, life, family... My boss is so supportive and encouraging.  This organization is on the brink of doing huge things and I get to be apart of that education and fundraising!  I love it.
We are really getting settled into our life here.  We've been a bit shocked by how quick we have gotten comfortable or how well Emery has adjusted.  She loves school, sleeps pretty well, and overall is really happy.  Obviously skype makes a huge difference, but she is just an amazing kid.  And, we're learning our community, getting excited about house hunting in the spring, and just having fun.
Today, we went to a local pumpkin festival with a girlfriend and her family.  Our girls are the same age and they just really clicked.  They are both smart, sassy, beautiful girls, so it's a pretty good match up.  They rode ponies, went on the bouncey slide, and picked out pumpkins.  Emery got her own "baby" pumpkin that she picked out herself.  It was fun to see her make a new friend and we had a good time with new friends too.  It was such a beautiful day.  It was an amazing opportunity to know that yes, we are 1200 miles away from CA and out life there, but we will be ok here.  We may even be happy, really happy.

And, a few photos of our great day...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

We're official CO residents.


Just in case you thought we were pulling the grandest practical joke of all time and faking our move to CO… the jig is up, we’re really staying. We have CO license plates on our car and CO driver’s licenses in our wallets.

Don’t you just hate DMV photos? I often wonder if they strategically place the camera at a certain angle to make you look bad, or is it just the terrible quality of the government purchased cameras? Or did I really look this bad that day? I think that is now the 8th wonder of the modern world…

On a positive note, Emery LOVES her preschool. She is pretty much obsessed with her teacher, loves dance and music time, and has not had one accident in her first week. Yes, you heard me correctly, no accidents people! Even at nap time without a pull-up!
Plus, she is right with or ahead the learning curve of most of her classmates. We certainly have Auntie Jenny to thank for drilling the ABCs and her colors into her head. My girl pretty much talks non-stop about what she likes, doesn’t like, wants to do, eat, watch, etc. She has developed a strong passion for our doggies and won’t leave the house without giving them hugs and kisses goodbye. All in all, we are pretty thankful that she hasn’t regressed and is transitioning really well. Thank goodness for skype.
We had a last minute Skype session with Auntie Jenny last night. Emery and Bubbs have been apart 3 weeks now, but the smiles on their face when they saw each other for the first time was still priceless. They spent most of their time roaring at one another, or running away screaming like they were scared. It was amazing to see that their love affair has not died down.
All in all, I couldn’t be more happy with how our moved has turned out. We have all but settled in and are ready to truly start our life here. Maybe it’s time for a zoo visit? Or visitors from CA? hint… hint… shameless hint!