Saturday, October 1, 2011

We're official CO residents.


Just in case you thought we were pulling the grandest practical joke of all time and faking our move to CO… the jig is up, we’re really staying. We have CO license plates on our car and CO driver’s licenses in our wallets.

Don’t you just hate DMV photos? I often wonder if they strategically place the camera at a certain angle to make you look bad, or is it just the terrible quality of the government purchased cameras? Or did I really look this bad that day? I think that is now the 8th wonder of the modern world…

On a positive note, Emery LOVES her preschool. She is pretty much obsessed with her teacher, loves dance and music time, and has not had one accident in her first week. Yes, you heard me correctly, no accidents people! Even at nap time without a pull-up!
Plus, she is right with or ahead the learning curve of most of her classmates. We certainly have Auntie Jenny to thank for drilling the ABCs and her colors into her head. My girl pretty much talks non-stop about what she likes, doesn’t like, wants to do, eat, watch, etc. She has developed a strong passion for our doggies and won’t leave the house without giving them hugs and kisses goodbye. All in all, we are pretty thankful that she hasn’t regressed and is transitioning really well. Thank goodness for skype.
We had a last minute Skype session with Auntie Jenny last night. Emery and Bubbs have been apart 3 weeks now, but the smiles on their face when they saw each other for the first time was still priceless. They spent most of their time roaring at one another, or running away screaming like they were scared. It was amazing to see that their love affair has not died down.
All in all, I couldn’t be more happy with how our moved has turned out. We have all but settled in and are ready to truly start our life here. Maybe it’s time for a zoo visit? Or visitors from CA? hint… hint… shameless hint!


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