Monday, September 26, 2011

Big day for our school girl!

Today marks a very important day in the Blaylock family household.  Jason makes fun of me for making such a big deal about it, but our girl started school today!  Yes, it's preschool for a 2 1/2 year old... but she has a cubby, a teacher, a classroom and a backpack.  If that isn't school, I don't know what is.  Plus, there is a lesson plan.  It might include singing and dancing time, but it IS SCHOOL!  So, of course we had to make a big deal about it.  She got a new outfit, a gift for her teacher, and we took pictures!  She actually got TWO new outfits, but the first had long sleeves.  It's still 80 degrees, so I decided that was probably not a good idea.
Emery did a trial run last week with her class and LOVED it.  She has been asking every day since to go back to school.  And when we got there today she was more interested in getting into class than taking photos.  But, we got a few.  We got into the class and she practically ran away to play.  I love that she is so comfortable in new places and with new people, but I did long for a few tears, just to prove that she loves me... =)
Please ignore her road rash nose.  She fell off a curb and right on to her face the other day.  No scrapes on her hands, just her nose and knee.  We don't know how she managed to face plant right off a curb onto the parking lot, but my clumsy girl managed.

Now, for the main event.  PICTURE TIME!

Emery's outfit:
Shirt: Old navy
Skirt: Pumpkin Patch
Shoes: TOMS
Backpack: Sugerbooger

More big events in our family this week.  Wednesday I start my new job as the Special Events Manager for the National Stroke Association!  I am so excited to begin a new adventure with such a wonderful organization!


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