Thursday, June 28, 2012

Emery ism of the day...

On our way to target to buy supplies for the fire victims...
"I don't like carpet"
"i don't like those trees"
"I don't like anybody"

Here you have it... I've it myself an angry girl tonight!

This lovely picture... E not wanting her picture taken.. So much sass in such a small package.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things that are awesome... and those that are not.

So... I'm keeping up with my idea of having "coffee dates," linking up with Rags to Stitches...and sharing what is going on in the day to day life of our family...

Things that are awesome...

--E is officially out of diapers. She has been "day time" potty trained since September. But, last week (while on pain meds), I decided to get crazy and get rid of the diapers at nighttime too. It's been 5 nights and no accidents!

--Yesterday was doggie day at work. My beasts got to enjoy a day laying by my office chair...and aside from a little dog down the hall trying to pick a fight with my 80 pound lab, all was well.

(Why yes, that is the Andy Cohen book on my desk. And yes, I am thrilled to have discovered that he has a direct connection to my job. It's just a matter of time until we are best friends.)

--In less than a month we move into our home. Which pretty much means I've dedicated my life to pinterest decorating the house... and Jason is stuck on craigslist trying to find cool, DIY ready, inexpensive pieces for said house... E, well she's watching movies.

And, in things that are not awesome....

--I am half way through the first part (of two) of a root canal. The pain after the numbing wore off was arguably worse than giving birth... and turns out I hate the way pain meds make me feel.

--Ginger peed on the carpet at work. Actually, she made it the entire day with no accidents and being very good, only to pee on the last piece of carpet as we are leaving the office and going home. awesome.

--In my desperate attempt to find a "vacation" or "family trip" picture for Emery to take to school this week for show and tell (per their suggestion) I realized I haven't actually printed picture since Christmas. Ooops. Which let me to the discovery that I still haven't finished her two year photo book. I'm about half way through as of this morning (yes, from the office) - don't judge me.

Monday, June 18, 2012

faith and friendship

The past 10 days have been quite the whirlwind for our family. We've been back and forth to CA twice, E spend 10 days in CA, and we saw those dearest to us. It was both exhausting and amazing.

I felt so honored to have spent this past weekend as a bridesmaid in my dear friend, Kacie's wedding. It was truly a beautiful day filled with love and the love that Kacie and her new husband, John have for one another.

Kacie and I have been friends for 9 years. Our friendship was instant and started at a sorority event our sophomore year of college. We spent the rest of our college career dancing the nights away, often one another's dates to events, and eating lots of pizza while watching Sex and the City. It provided for us a foundation of love, respect, and loyalty to one another.

As is always the case, life after college changes things. I got married, moved to San Diego, and started my career in non-profit, working for St. Jude. Kacie was a single gal and amazing teacher that was looking for the perfect school to start at.

In the last 6 years since we graduated, everything about our lives have changed, and much about our friendship. It got easier, because of our day to day differences to not call daily. Or have spontanous trips to South Coast. We spent more of our time together catching up than ever before. And that was ok. When the big things happened, we always called eachother right away. And we always were a source of steadfast support for one other.

I became a mom. Kacie left a life of teaching and dedicated her life to international mission work. I've been married for 6 years, and Kacie is just now a newly wed.

One of the things that I have admired most about Kacie is her faith. She has such faith in faith... and that has long been something that I have struggled with. I think it pretty much went out the window when my parents seperated. I lost my faith in a lot of things, but losing my faith in faith has created a constant battle.

I consider myself Christian. But for me, it is about living my life (and teaching my daughter) to live a life of compassion, friendship. loyalty. It means to be non-judgemental towards others. It means loving your family and friends. It means giving back to your community. I realize there is a lot more to being Christian, but those things I list above are what I can commit to in my life right now.

Jason and I have made an effort to seek a church community of other young families that want to raise their daughter the same way we do. And, we've attend one specific church a few times and are not totally sure it is the right fit. But, we talk about it and we're getting more comfortable with adding this weekly commitment to our family. But, we don't pray as a family and we don't talk about the bible. At this point, we're still figuring it out. And, for me that is ok.

This weekend was filled with a lot of faith in faith. It was really eye opening to me. It was different, but wonderful. It was overwhelming, but pure. And it was exciting to see my best friend so happy.

Despite not being a part of her day to day life, Kacie has remained a steadfast part of my life. And hopefully always will. I feel really lucky to say that I feel I have 3 best friends, with her among them. And, I know she has other amazing women in her life that she calls her best friends. I feel thankful that we are each surrounded by amazing women to lift us up.

6 years ago when we graudated college, Kacie and I spoke on one another's behalf at our sorority's senior brunch. At the time, I shared a quote that I felt defined our friendship.... "What's the good of news if you haven't someone to share it with." I still feel that way.

I realize that this seems like a bit of a love letter to my friend. And, in a way, it is. She has truly been a steadfast person in my life and is often a moral compass in my life. She is also an inspiration for having faith in faith. I'm not sure if I'll ever feel the same way she does, but I always aspire to be better, more loyal, and more faithful.

And, becuase I can share her beautiful wedding story and our friendship without a few pictures of the beautiful wedding...

Bride and groom, first dance.

My date and fearless lil sis, Molli. She was such a fun date for this wedding. We had a ridiculas and silly time together.

Because we must pay homage to our favorite pose from college.

Loved this hair piece and my hair.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Spoiled girl.

After a week apart e and I were reunited last night. It just worked out that I ended up having almost all day to spend with her... So I had to take my spoiled girl to get her nails done. She saw my new manicure and begged for one herself.
We spent the morning visiting our dear friend and her new baby, Adam.
When E was 8 days old I took her to a salon so I could get a pedicure. Now 3 years later we are back at the same salon and she is getting her nails done. I dreamed of these days and specials memories and they never stop being amazing! And my girl is now a nail salon pro! Take a look...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dog days of summer..

It is hott in CO! Summer came early this year! In an effort to get off the couch and out of the house on this lazy Sunday, the whole family took a trip to the local dog park. We love heading to our local dog park. E loves seeing all the dogs, it tires out the fur babies and it is just quiet family time..
But today our dogs tired out so quick from he heat we didn't get to stay too long...
And for your picture pleasure... My four loves on our way out of the park...

And for today's emery ism...
"you can't take your clothes off because my spoon is in your pocket" said to Jason in the dog park parking lot...

Friday, June 1, 2012


We are home from the hospital and resting on the couch watching Elmo. Both doggies are so happy becuase E requested they keep her company on the couch.

The surgery went just as expected. I had just enough time to get some food from the cafeteria and eat... and update the family with the news that she was in surgery.

They gave her medicine so she won't remember anything. I asked for some too, because the image of her crying for me why we held her down to gas her to sleep will stay with me forever.

In the waiting room, I saw so many families and I couldn't help but wonder... were they like me and this was the first time they had to sit here and wait? Or, was this something regular for their family? Did they spend more time at the hospital than the playground?

That realization made me feel a bit foolish for being such a nervous wreck about a minor surgery. I have so much to be thankful for. My girl is healthy and perfect. All the nurses commented on how healthy and smart she was. I am so lucky.

Just getting into the hospital gown. Still a little sleepy, such an early morning!

Tiger got to stay with her to keep her safe in surgery...

She's awake! In recovery just waking up. How stunning does she look? I had never been more happy to see her awake and sassy than this moment.

Being such a trooper with a giant IV in her hand.

I guess this is one of the perks of having your surgery at the #5 ranks Children's Hospital in the country. So thankful that we had such a great team to take care of E.

Today was a real lesson in patience and dealing with my anxiety. Driving home I became really overhwhelmed.
Overwhelmed with my ability to love this tiny person.

Who knew that this amount of love and devotion was possible?
I sure didn't.

I'm so thankful for her health and happiness.
And that we get to come home and watch Elmo on our couch.
And that we have the most amazing love and support from our friends and family.

Thank you for the calls, texts, messages on FB, and prayers.
We are so lucky....