Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things that are awesome... and those that are not.

So... I'm keeping up with my idea of having "coffee dates," linking up with Rags to Stitches...and sharing what is going on in the day to day life of our family...

Things that are awesome...

--E is officially out of diapers. She has been "day time" potty trained since September. But, last week (while on pain meds), I decided to get crazy and get rid of the diapers at nighttime too. It's been 5 nights and no accidents!

--Yesterday was doggie day at work. My beasts got to enjoy a day laying by my office chair...and aside from a little dog down the hall trying to pick a fight with my 80 pound lab, all was well.

(Why yes, that is the Andy Cohen book on my desk. And yes, I am thrilled to have discovered that he has a direct connection to my job. It's just a matter of time until we are best friends.)

--In less than a month we move into our home. Which pretty much means I've dedicated my life to pinterest decorating the house... and Jason is stuck on craigslist trying to find cool, DIY ready, inexpensive pieces for said house... E, well she's watching movies.

And, in things that are not awesome....

--I am half way through the first part (of two) of a root canal. The pain after the numbing wore off was arguably worse than giving birth... and turns out I hate the way pain meds make me feel.

--Ginger peed on the carpet at work. Actually, she made it the entire day with no accidents and being very good, only to pee on the last piece of carpet as we are leaving the office and going home. awesome.

--In my desperate attempt to find a "vacation" or "family trip" picture for Emery to take to school this week for show and tell (per their suggestion) I realized I haven't actually printed picture since Christmas. Ooops. Which let me to the discovery that I still haven't finished her two year photo book. I'm about half way through as of this morning (yes, from the office) - don't judge me.


  1. I'm so bad about printing pictures too! haaha But I have about 22,000 of them on my computer. OY! If it crashed I would be in SO much trouble. I think I'm going to go back those up right now while I'm thinking about it. Nice job on the night time potty training, I remember how nerve wrecking it was to loose the pull ups at night, never want to sleep walk while changing sheets. haha

    1. Thanks Alissa! Life with a 3 year old is always entertaining, throw in two giant dogs and sharing these fun highs and lows gets more interesting...