Monday, February 7, 2011

Emery's birthday is just a few weeks away. Can I believe that my girl is almost 2? Not really. The past two years have been so jam packed I have to constantly remind myself to take it all in, because every time I turn around there is something else that is gone. Emery-doodle is nearly two. My perfect little baby hardly has any signs of her baby years left. She has shot up 2 inches since Decemeber and lost her baby fat. My piggy is no longer a piggy. She's a little girl. There are truly no words to describe my absolute love for this child. It's a feeling I could never put into words and often brings me to tears. She is the most amazing gift I've ever been given, even, like the day of her 2nd birthday photos, she was wearing some serious sassy pants. But, then there are nights like last night, when she was tired and not feeling well and she just wanted to cuddle in my lap. Some day she'll be too big to do that. I'm married and a mommy, and when I don't feel good I still want to curl up with my mommy too. So, I know that she'll be the same way. Because that is what mommies are for. To wipe your nose, your tears...occasionally your bottom until you grow up and have to do it for your own baby. The older Emery grows, the more I realize how lucky I am to be a mom, and have such an amazing mom of my own.

I'm so blessed.