Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sneak Peek!

We are so excited to share a sneak peek at our fall family photos! Garrett Adrian took our pictures last year and we were so thrilled with how they turned out, we decided to hire him again... And, again, we are thrilled. It was a beautiful fall day and our girl was in a silly, picture taking mood.

Stay tuned as these will likely be featured on a holiday card landing in family and friends' mail boxes very soon!

Take a look!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Coffee Date: My week with a tantrum throwing Rapunzel

Let's just go ahead and skip the whole, shame on your blogger for your lack of posting recently... I've been busy. Sorry friends!

But if we were to have coffee, I'd need a "double." Or maybe I'd skip the coffee and head for a cocktail.....

Jason was traveling/working far later than I prefer this week, so I've been on full-time mommy duty much of the week. It was rough.
Let's recap:
Monday, I was up half the night with the following issues:
Two giant beast dogs in my bed
One pesky cat that likes to purr like a diesel truck...trying to sleep on my face
One dog with a tiny bladder needing to go out at 2am
Three pets that like to play chase at 3am
More pesky kitty purring in my face at 5am
Me, not being able to figure out the central heat and freezing... two nights in a row.

Tuesday evening consisted mostly of screaming & tantrum throwing...by me Emery, as well as far too much time spent sticking her out at me...until I calmly threatened to cut it out...

And, I'm in the middle of a big end of year fundraising campaign at work that has my brain pretty muddled.

So, last night, when I hosted Jason's boss and another co-worker for dinner, I treated myself to two classes of skinny girl cosmo. Clearly, I'm living dangerously. And, you'll have to ask Jason, but I think the dinner was a success. I didn't wear an apron, but I was feeling very suzy-homemaker. And, it was kinda awesome.

But, today, I got to spend my afternoon with Rapunzel. She's kinda a big deal. Take a look for yourself.

So, when, I saw it's been a long week, I mean it. I also mean that I caught up on Gossip Girl, Guliana & Bill, and Hart of Dixie - in my spare time. I might be over doing it and should think about another skinny girl cocktail.....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Proof I'm a recovering Californian

Growing up in California I can assure you that I never once woke up to snow. In fact, only only saw snow a handful of times and always in Big Bear. Fall weather typically consisted of jeans, tank tops and flip flops. If I was wearing a sweatshirt, it was more for fashion. Ya know, rocking my sorority letters...
One Thanksgiving I went to visit Jason and his parents in TN. I had to buy a pair of sneakers because I didn't own close toed shoes.
If it rained too hard, college classes were canceled people. No joke... (or... maybe I just didn't go, sorry Mom).
Ugg boots were primarily worn with jean skirts.
And we certainly never got a Snow Day. Although I did often argue that it was totally unfair and we should get "snow days" when it rained more than a few inches.
And I know I never work up to this....
That, my friends, is a pumpkin with snow on it. It just doesn't seem right.

But, this is the new normal for E. She loves waking up to snow. And, she knows that when it snows she gets to rock her gloves, scarf, and boots. It breaks my heart, but she isn't growing up a California girl. She'll never go to the beach from April to October, like I did more than one year in a row. She gets to play in fall leaves and snow in October.

And, while I miss California and the amazing 70 degree Christmas', I kinda love fall. I love actually wearing boots and scarves because it's cold. I love adorable coats for me and E. I love sipping on hot apple cider in the evenings and not sweating at the same time because it's still 80 out.

It's official folks, I'm embracing fall and becoming a recovering Californian....

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Mom Moment

I know I talk about the time about how funny my girl is.... but I haven't shared any "Emery-isms" in a while...

Me: E, you're so beautiful!
E: I know.
Me: and you're kind and smart!
E: mmm hmm!

"You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"

In other news, E is now the proud owner of some teal skinny jeggings. She was so excited to rock them at school last week with her TOMS. What a fashionista. I can't even take credit for these, her daddy picked them out....

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The little things....

I certainly won't ever claim to be a relationship expert, seeing as how I've had exactly one serious boyfriend, turned husband. But, I will say that I'm a relationship expert about my own relationship.

After over 9 years together, 6 years of marriage, a baby, 4 house changes, 6 job changes and a partridge in a pear tree, it is easy to loose touch. We've done it before, and we may do it again.

It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day chores or only the major things like birthdays and anniversaries. What about the little ways to say I love you, to affirm to the other person that they are still you're everything and still important.

For us, that typically includes random text messages of love throughout the day. Or offering to make dinner.... or offering to walk up/down all the stairs to fetch things...

But, this week I got a totally surprising, small, but wonderful gesture that really brightened my day.

This little gem was hand delivered to my office by my hottie husband in his khakis and button down... for all the ladies of my office to see and drool with jealousy.

J had a meeting down the street from my office. I knew it was a full day and we probably wouldn't even be able to meet for lunch. bummer. 

While in a meeting at the front of the building with a window to the parking lot I see him drive up and get out, Starbucks in hand.

I've been swamped at work for about 3 weeks. And, being in fundraising and this being the end of the year, there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Being busy (and successful) this time of year is called job security, but it also means me being really tired.

This kind gesture made my mostly female co-workers a little jealous and made my heart and belly smile. It was a really simple kind thing that made me know that I'm still his valued partner. it reminded me the importance of taking the time to go the extra mile and do something nice because we are partners. And sometimes one of us is down, or tired. It is my responsibility to help get them back to being their best self.

Be jealous ladies, he's all mine.
How are you showing your partner that they are valued and loved today?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Well, almost wordless. Is there really anything much better than you girl falling asleep on you after a long weekend playing with her cousin?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday mom moment

Yesterday was a pretty lazy day in our house. We had family in town for a few days and we spent yesterday catching hip on rest... And dvr!

While Jason made an awesome dinner E and I turned on glee. I am a few weeks behind but was thrilled to see that it was the Britney 2.0 episode! It really just turned into a dance party with my girl.

She loved dancing around and putting to use some of the moves she has been learning in ballet. I was one proud mama! I have shared before my love of dance and to see my girl have such a love for it so early pretty much rocks my world. She thinks its fun and silly and it really is awesome bonding time for us.

Dance parties are becoming kind of a big deal in our house and I'm loving every minute of it!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Coffee Date Friday

Hey friends! Linking up again today with Rags to Stitches for our weekly coffee date.

If we were to have coffee today I think I'd have a lot to share (me, talk a lot? go figure).

I'd share that I'm loving my new coffee cup that the hubs and I picked out last weekend. It has a cute "C" on it. And I'd share that I'm loving the last few mornings when I've gotten up a little early, gone down stairs to tend to the pets and make my coffee. I usually just take it to go on the way to work, but there is something kinda awesome about carrying my coffee around all morning.

If we were having coffee I'd share that it's been a good week. I've been busy at work and am tackling a new project that I'm both excited/totally intimidated by.

If we were having coffee I'd share that I've really appreciated the out pouring of love from friends and family after this post about my lack of local gal pals... It's a slow process, but knowing that I've got the love of besties all around the country really helps.

If we were having coffee this week, I'd share that I'm loving that my house is finally looking like a home. Some great mirrors have been put up, book shelves bought and filled, and our family gallery wall is going up this morning courtesy of the hubs.

If we were having coffee I'd share that I am a naughty blogger/mommy because I didn't capture any photos of Emery's first volunteer/service experience last weekend. We volunteered for Project Angel Heart a wonderful organization in Colorado providing meals to those dealing with life-threatening illnesses at no cost to them. We decorated the meal bags that are used to deliver the food, as well as created a number of birthday cards. Seeing my little girl really love participating in this process was one of the most rewarding experiences I could ask for as a mommy...

And, if we were having coffee, I'd share that my heart is happy because we have family visiting. The hubs' brother and his family are staying with us from TN. E is so excited to have her cousin, Claire visiting. The girls are almost exactly one year apart and are so cute together. I adore my sister-in-law and we are really just looking forward to a wonderful weekend of family fun!

How cute are these girls?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Update: 30 by 30

Once upon a time, I wrote a 30 by 30 list and was quite confident of my ability to keep up on it with blog documentation. At the time, I have four years until 30, it seemed like a lifetime away. Now, with less than two years left, I need to provide an update and get back on track....

So, here we go:

30 by 30
1. Find a fabulous pair of Green Shoes
2. Europe with Jason
3. Own a home: check, may 2012
4. Go camping on the beach
5. Host a dinner party
6. Weekend in Vegas with no kids: done, march 2012

7. Find the perfect Little Black Dress
8. Write Emery a family history: with stories and family tree
9. Take a dance class (not at the gym, a real dance class)
10. Go on a hot air balloon ride
11. Hold a snake (in the interest of conquering my fear)
12. Get a second tattoo
13. Have an “in the moment” non-studio photo session with my family: check, December 2011
14. Sing on stage (karaoke counts)
15. Make something from scratch (food)
16. Get back to my college weight
17. Begin my Master’s Degree: I've now been accepted TWICE and had to give up my spot due to life. ugh.
18. Run, not walk a 5K
19. Watch my favorite movies on the same day: Dirty Dancing, Grease, A Walk To Remember, and Marley and Me.
20. Host a holiday dinner: check, November 2011
21. Take a walk in the rain: check, December 2010
22. Observe Lent as a non-catholic
23. Take a jumping picture, just for fun. done, November 2011

24. Write more letters to friends, not emails.
25. Go wine tasting: check, January 2011
26. Take a scuba lesson
27. Share a kiss under the Eiffel tower
28. Be debt free for at least 1 month (not including a MORTGAGE)
29. Get a passport
30. Take my grandma dotzie’s ashes back to Wyoming!

Well, I've only accomplished 7/30 in two years. I want to make it a goal to get back to a few of these items... except for maybe the snake one. I might be been a bit ballsy when I wrote that.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Make new friends...

But keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold.

Am I the only one that remembers that song from girl scouts? anyone. anyone?

Welcome to my mom moment Monday. Today's topic: the epidemic of friendless mothers

Whatever... I think that this is a pretty good motto for my life right now.

I've mentioned before that I think making friends as an adult sucks. When we are kids, our best friends are those in our classroom each year. In high school, it ends up being who you have the most classes with, or who you on in sports with. In college, for me, these were my sorority sisters. I left college with a rocking group of wonderful girlfriends and added a few through my jobs.

Fast forward 6 years and I have a 3 1/2 year old, live in a foreign city and am mostly friendless. It's totally embarrassing. When I want to grab a beer or a glass of wine I pretty much have no one to call. Gal pal time getting pedicures? nope, not here. E is my pedicure companion. Not that relaxing ya'll.

I miss my friends. Every day. I hate that I have friends with kiddos that I've either not met at all, or only once, because I up and moved to CO (ps. thanks hubs. =) ).

But, the reality is that I'll not likely ever live in CA again. These girls will be part of my life FOREVER (yup, I'm saying that as though you'll never get rid of me, so why bother trying), but I do need to accept that we live here and I need to add a few girls to my wolfpack of 1.

I often wished I lived closer to some of bloggers I stalk, which is also awkward. But, you follow the lives of these equally awesome people and feel a kindred spirit.... And, I haven't found a single Denver area blogger to create a bloggy affair with.

Or, I wished I lived closer to my bestie so we could finally have our sister wives house (with all kid and pet swapping, no to husband swapping.)

So, moral of the story is that I'm working on it. I have luke warm feelings about the mom groups I've attended and can only force my co-workers to fill the friend spot for so long.

Thus far, I've made a small amount of progress. I met a mom at swim class. Our kids are in the same class. We both love a good deal when shopping. And we are transplants to CO. She's normal, fun and admitted that her family too has a total lack of friends. So, the friendless are making plans to be friends. We exchanged digits and now I'm sitting by the phone hoping she'll call.

Am I the only one out there finding it painfully difficult to find gal pals? I've read some really funny blogs about it recently and it seems I'm not. There seems to be a mom epidemic going around of friendless moms dying to brush our hair, slap on some make up, and have a cocktail without having to worry about potty breaks and gold fish crackers.

It's actually kind of embarrassing how excited I was when swim class mom and I made the admission that our families were friendless and decided to give it a whirl.... I won't admit how fast 2.5 seconds I called Jason when I got in the car.