Friday, October 26, 2012

Coffee Date: My week with a tantrum throwing Rapunzel

Let's just go ahead and skip the whole, shame on your blogger for your lack of posting recently... I've been busy. Sorry friends!

But if we were to have coffee, I'd need a "double." Or maybe I'd skip the coffee and head for a cocktail.....

Jason was traveling/working far later than I prefer this week, so I've been on full-time mommy duty much of the week. It was rough.
Let's recap:
Monday, I was up half the night with the following issues:
Two giant beast dogs in my bed
One pesky cat that likes to purr like a diesel truck...trying to sleep on my face
One dog with a tiny bladder needing to go out at 2am
Three pets that like to play chase at 3am
More pesky kitty purring in my face at 5am
Me, not being able to figure out the central heat and freezing... two nights in a row.

Tuesday evening consisted mostly of screaming & tantrum me Emery, as well as far too much time spent sticking her out at me...until I calmly threatened to cut it out...

And, I'm in the middle of a big end of year fundraising campaign at work that has my brain pretty muddled.

So, last night, when I hosted Jason's boss and another co-worker for dinner, I treated myself to two classes of skinny girl cosmo. Clearly, I'm living dangerously. And, you'll have to ask Jason, but I think the dinner was a success. I didn't wear an apron, but I was feeling very suzy-homemaker. And, it was kinda awesome.

But, today, I got to spend my afternoon with Rapunzel. She's kinda a big deal. Take a look for yourself.

So, when, I saw it's been a long week, I mean it. I also mean that I caught up on Gossip Girl, Guliana & Bill, and Hart of Dixie - in my spare time. I might be over doing it and should think about another skinny girl cocktail.....

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