Monday, October 1, 2012

Make new friends...

But keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold.

Am I the only one that remembers that song from girl scouts? anyone. anyone?

Welcome to my mom moment Monday. Today's topic: the epidemic of friendless mothers

Whatever... I think that this is a pretty good motto for my life right now.

I've mentioned before that I think making friends as an adult sucks. When we are kids, our best friends are those in our classroom each year. In high school, it ends up being who you have the most classes with, or who you on in sports with. In college, for me, these were my sorority sisters. I left college with a rocking group of wonderful girlfriends and added a few through my jobs.

Fast forward 6 years and I have a 3 1/2 year old, live in a foreign city and am mostly friendless. It's totally embarrassing. When I want to grab a beer or a glass of wine I pretty much have no one to call. Gal pal time getting pedicures? nope, not here. E is my pedicure companion. Not that relaxing ya'll.

I miss my friends. Every day. I hate that I have friends with kiddos that I've either not met at all, or only once, because I up and moved to CO (ps. thanks hubs. =) ).

But, the reality is that I'll not likely ever live in CA again. These girls will be part of my life FOREVER (yup, I'm saying that as though you'll never get rid of me, so why bother trying), but I do need to accept that we live here and I need to add a few girls to my wolfpack of 1.

I often wished I lived closer to some of bloggers I stalk, which is also awkward. But, you follow the lives of these equally awesome people and feel a kindred spirit.... And, I haven't found a single Denver area blogger to create a bloggy affair with.

Or, I wished I lived closer to my bestie so we could finally have our sister wives house (with all kid and pet swapping, no to husband swapping.)

So, moral of the story is that I'm working on it. I have luke warm feelings about the mom groups I've attended and can only force my co-workers to fill the friend spot for so long.

Thus far, I've made a small amount of progress. I met a mom at swim class. Our kids are in the same class. We both love a good deal when shopping. And we are transplants to CO. She's normal, fun and admitted that her family too has a total lack of friends. So, the friendless are making plans to be friends. We exchanged digits and now I'm sitting by the phone hoping she'll call.

Am I the only one out there finding it painfully difficult to find gal pals? I've read some really funny blogs about it recently and it seems I'm not. There seems to be a mom epidemic going around of friendless moms dying to brush our hair, slap on some make up, and have a cocktail without having to worry about potty breaks and gold fish crackers.

It's actually kind of embarrassing how excited I was when swim class mom and I made the admission that our families were friendless and decided to give it a whirl.... I won't admit how fast 2.5 seconds I called Jason when I got in the car.


  1. I hear you sister and I totally remember that song! Hang in there!! It's tough making new friends, but you'll get there. Have you tried MeetUp groups? Are there any young moms in your neighborhood? It'll get easier...I promise!

  2. V- I have tried meet up, with a total bust. All the groups in my area are all stay at home moms. I'm not looking to drive 30 minutes for a working moms group and have had luke warm experiences the times I have done that. So, we'll see.
    Wish you were still in denver sister. MIIIISSSSSS YOU!

  3. I feel you. I'm the same way. My companion and shopping buddy is a 1 year old boy who likes to throw tantrums every hour or whenever he doesn't get his way. I've been attending MOPS (mother of pre-schoolers) but it's still not easy because they already have their circle of friends. It's not easy to be the new person, but i'm taking it one day at a time. Hope it'll be better soon for you!