Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I believe....

The last year has brought complete upheaval to our lives. Everything changed and it was scary. But through it all there are certain things about life that always manage to stay the same.... these are the things that you can count on and believe in...

I believe in Sunday morning cuddle time in bed with my family. And, if you can fit, the fur children should really be apart of this...

I believe in date night, although it doesn't happen as often when you have to pay a babysitter and are without free babysitting (thanks mom!)

I believe in volunteering my time to causes and organizations that capture my heart.

I believe in friendship. I truly have small, but amazing group of girlfriends. Time or distance can not change the love we share.

I believe that making new friends is TOUGH! Are we are cynical, too cool for new friends, or what?! Moving to a new city without a large "friend" base has been a huge challenge and really heavy on my heart lately. Please be my friend!

I believe that no one should take themselves too seriously. Being silly is WAY more fun.

I believe in love. Forgiving, passionate, best friend, really silly kind of love. And, I believe that I have that.

I believe that I am raising a mini-me. A sassy, smart, and kind little girl that is like looking into a mirror...
I believe I have some really amazing women in my family to look up to.


I believe that motherhood is the most amazing gift, and the thing that I am most grateful for in my life. It is the greatest accomplishment I could ever hope for...


  1. I will be your friend! Well written! Drinks soon? A tour of your new home??

  2. The house is still a work in progress.... who knew it took so long to decorate a house. Let's be real, it would be a lot easier if I was a billionaire... alas, we are not fully furnished or decorated. But, we're also living our lives while doing so.
    I would love drinks or dinner...I nearly attacked a few girlfriends that I saw this week from an old job because I was so desperate for girl time. In retrospect it was really embarrassing...

  3. Great list girly!!!

    xo, Emily

  4. Making new friends in a new place as an adult really is tough! My husband and I are discovering that as we continue to live in our first home but now all of our college group of friends has left and moved on to different states. It's definitely not as easy as when you were kids.