Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Mom Moment

The last week has been a really busy one, in terms of "mom moments."

For a while, E has been asking for "little hair." She wanted a hair cut. Not just a trim. A CUT. I really love her long beautiful hair. It is was curly. It had has so many cute styles. Yes, was... had. I gave in. But, in an effort to save $15 I chopped it off myself. E had a great bath. We popped her into some panties, sat her on the side of the tub with a trash can underneath and I chopped of FIVE INCHES of my sweet girls hair. Well, 5 inches in some places, maybe 6 in others, and very likely 4 in a few other places.

To say that it was uneven it pretty much an understatement. I thought I "fixed it" the next morning when I chopped off a few more inches - or so. But, she loved it. She was so proud to tell her teachers that her mommy cut her hair. Look at that smile.

She seriously looks like a 5 year old. Between that and her missing tooth, she looks like a really big girl.

On a totally different, but still mommy moment, I tried to take a bath this afternoon. Well, actually, I did get to take the bath, but I had a hell of a time getting there. You see, when we bought this house, I was totally excited about a tub of reasonable size. So was E. She took one look at it and TOTALLY moved in. Her shampoo, body wash, toys, and towel all took up residence in our bathroom. In fact, she has never taken a bath in what was supposed to be "her bathroom." Jason basically moved in there and has his own bathroom that is toy, makeup, and generally "girl" free. 

So, when I decided to take a bath this afternoon I came upon this....

a family of ducks
the opportunity to play hoops

a variety of toys and tools
and yo gabba gabba wall stick toys...

I eventually waded through the toys (and cat hair) to enjoy a full hour bath reading. That, my friends, is the best mommy moment of them all...

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