Monday, September 17, 2012

Mom Moment Monday - reading

Last week, I shared with you E's room in our new house. She is such a girly girl, so we are really happy with how well it has all come together (shout out to the hubs for his epic sanding and painting of the bed and dresser).

Included in that post was a picture of her new reading nook. My sister-in-law, Auntie Candace, bought her that adorable net last year. But, we were in an apartment and not putting up anything we didn't "need" so it sat in a box until recently. There is something about a comfy reading nook that just speaks to me. I think I always wanted one of my own, and when we got the net it just seemed to be a sign that my girl was going to get one.

 That giant pillow, another ROSS steal, is so big and awesome to rest against. E loves it. Coupled with a basket of books and as you can see she is totally loving it.

Reading has become a pretty big part of our lives. When we got into the house, we went through and stored away the "baby" books for a future baby (don't get crazy, we're talking 2014 here). We are left with a pretty awesome collection which includes Angelina Ballerina, Pinkalicious, Ladybug girl, and some Disney Classics.

E's big girl book collection started before she was born. One of my besties from college was a teacher once upon a time. She made it her mission to ensure that she had a good foundation of adorable reading material - an entire collection of Disney Princess Stories. Those are definitely some favorites.

However, currently, we are totally in love with the "Ladybug Girl" collection. We only have 2 of them, but they are well loved. Each night before bed E gets to pick a story. It helps her calm down and get ready for sleep. It's all part of our bedtime routine.

I want E to love to read. Some of my favorite memories with my Grandma Dotzie are going to the local library to pick out books. We checked out dozens of books. Mostly for my grandma who blew through them like crazy, but I always got a few too. My favorite was definitely Where the wild things are. Classic.

I went through phases growing up where I would read like crazy, and others where I couldn't be bothered. Some favorite series included Goosebumps, all the V.C. Andrew books (which were mostly wildly inappropriate at 15), and currently anything by Philipa Gregory. Both my parents are crazytown about Stephan King. I just couldn't do it.

But, more than anything, I just love that E has taken to reading stories so well and that she is enjoying her nook. Plus, I'm totally stoked that no one (cat, dogs, or E) have pulled it down yet....

I'm currently seeking an awesome book to read. Suggestions? My book club bestie is totally lagging on sending somethings my way. I guess that what happens when you are a total snob and only have one other member in your very exclusive club....


  1. You should probably look at inviting someone to this book club who doesn't have two jobs and a toddler! xoxo

  2. touche. I'd rather go without reading material to keep it high brow. besides, who is reading these days when there is plenty of Friday Night Lights to plow through... =)