Friday, August 20, 2010

Emery and Madison. How cute are their matching Jammies?!

Emery and I at the OC Fair right after we wont her the Ellllmmmoooo!

Emery loves her gold/tweed shoe set.


So, today has been a day from hell. In the middle of the night, Jaskson walked into my bedroom and woke me up with the sound of him pooping on my floor. Then, Emery kept me up for an hour at 3am. We started out the morning ok, minus the constant crying immediatly following disapline or scolding. So, we ventured off to target, where Miss Emery cried the whole time begging "up, up up!" She wanted me to pick her up. So, I gave in and did...and only when my arm was about to give out (because Emery is no skinny bones, jones) did I feel a rather warm senssaion on my side... I was getting peed on. She had a diaper on, but it leaked. This was followed by more crying. Even several fellow patrons of Target tried to help out and make silly faces to get my girl to calm down. All to no avail... but was sincerely appreciated.

I think the moral to the story here is that motherhood is harder than any woman admits to. And if we did, then the species would probably die out. Working, keeping a house, and taking care of a baby... nevermind the husband or pets... is more than any woman can truly handle. There simply are not enough hours during the day to get it all done and get an appropriate amount of sleep... so how do I deal? I love to shop. I love shoes and clothes... mostly shoes.

Why shoes? Because no matter how fat you get, they still can make a tshirt and jeans look cute. And they can make you feel good, fabulous, and sexy. So, I got myself some zebra flats yesterday, and no I don't feel guilty about it. Plus, Emery loves shoes, so it's almost like I bought her a new toy too. So there.

I love my baby. And if buying shoes and accessories helps be a better mother, then fine. I'll give into the universe and buy fabulous accessories.


Monday, August 16, 2010

26, on my way to LATE TWENTIES!

So, last week marked my 26th birthday. I was lucky enough to celebrate with some of my best friends. I am so thankful for the friends in my life that truly enrich my soul. However, since I am officially on my way to late twenties, and as I told a friend of mine, on my way to "mom jeans" I wanted to write a list of thigns to do by the time I am 30. 30 by 30, a bucket list of sorts of things to do by the big 3-0. I have friends that have done it, or something like it and it just really sounded fun. So, in the interest of full disclosure here's my list. I think it has a wonderful blend of adventure, travel, family fun, and doing things I've always wanted to do. Let me know your thoughts!

30 by 30
1. Find a fabulous pair of Green Shoes
2. Europe with Jason
3. Own a home
4. Go camping on the beach
5. Host a dinner party
6. Weekend in Vegas with no kids
7. Find the perfect Little Black Dress
8. Write Emery a family history: with stories and family tree
9. Take a dance class (not at the gym, a real dance class)
10. Go on a hot air balloon ride
11. Hold a snake (in the interest of conquering my fear)
12. Get a second tattoo
13. Have an “in the moment” non-studio photo session with my family
14. Sing on stage (karaoke counts)
15. Make something from scratch (food)
16. Get back to my college weight
17. Begin my Master’s Degree
18. Run, not walk a 5K
19. Watch my favorite movies on the same day: Dirty Dancing, Grease, A Walk To Remember, and Marley and Me.
20. Host a holiday dinner
21. Take a walk in the rain
22. Observe Lent as a non-catholic
23. Take a jumping picture, just for fun.
24. Write more letters to friends, not emails.
25. Go wine tasting
26. Take a scuba lesson
27. Share a kiss under the Eiffel tower
28. Be debt free for at least 1 month (not including a MORTGAGE)
29. Get a passport
30. Take my grandma dotzie’s ashes back to Wyoming!