Thursday, October 25, 2012

Proof I'm a recovering Californian

Growing up in California I can assure you that I never once woke up to snow. In fact, only only saw snow a handful of times and always in Big Bear. Fall weather typically consisted of jeans, tank tops and flip flops. If I was wearing a sweatshirt, it was more for fashion. Ya know, rocking my sorority letters...
One Thanksgiving I went to visit Jason and his parents in TN. I had to buy a pair of sneakers because I didn't own close toed shoes.
If it rained too hard, college classes were canceled people. No joke... (or... maybe I just didn't go, sorry Mom).
Ugg boots were primarily worn with jean skirts.
And we certainly never got a Snow Day. Although I did often argue that it was totally unfair and we should get "snow days" when it rained more than a few inches.
And I know I never work up to this....
That, my friends, is a pumpkin with snow on it. It just doesn't seem right.

But, this is the new normal for E. She loves waking up to snow. And, she knows that when it snows she gets to rock her gloves, scarf, and boots. It breaks my heart, but she isn't growing up a California girl. She'll never go to the beach from April to October, like I did more than one year in a row. She gets to play in fall leaves and snow in October.

And, while I miss California and the amazing 70 degree Christmas', I kinda love fall. I love actually wearing boots and scarves because it's cold. I love adorable coats for me and E. I love sipping on hot apple cider in the evenings and not sweating at the same time because it's still 80 out.

It's official folks, I'm embracing fall and becoming a recovering Californian....

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