Sunday, May 13, 2012

A day of love. presents. kisses. tantrums. and a house.

We're only a little over half way through the day, officially, and it's already been a pretty full day! Today is my 4th Mother's day as a Mommy. Each year I continue to feel more blessed for my healthy, smart, sassy little girl. She is beautiful. kind. and stubborn. She is mine.

I woke up at 8am! Sleeping in! The first and best gift of all. I got presents (new fab Stella & Dot jewlery, thanks Laura for helping Jason pick out the perfect pieces). I got snuggles courtesy of my girl and my two furbabies. And I got an amazing Steak and Eggs breakfast cooked at home.

On our way to church we go the best news of all! We've been on the house hunt for a while now. We've lost a few houses already and it's been a really emotional process that I have not really enjoyed. But, yesterday we saw the perfect house! It is in the neighborhood we want to live in. From the outside, it looks like the house we always wanted. And has a small nook in the master that I can call my own! I hesitated to share the find with anyone, but am THRILLED TO SHARE that our offer on the house WAS ACCEPTED!  We are officially under contract on a large, beautiful, amazing home!

The front of the house. That beautiful tree will provide a lot of natual shade.

Formal living room and dining room, as you walk in.

Small family room right off the kitchen. Love that fireplace. We'll use this, and the large family room in the basement.

That is a CA King in the huge master bedroom. Soo much space!

Look at that awesome desk on the back of the house! We can't wait to grill on this.

We feel so incredibly lucky to have found this home. It has so many features that we wanted and feel confident that it is going to be a great place to raise our family (and to have guests stay with us). We will keep you posted on how the process goes.

It has been an amazing day! It's gloomy, so we're making some crock pot chilli for dinner! The only thing that would make it better would be to be near my family in CA. I still get to have my girl with me today, but it makes me so sad for my mom that this is the first Mother's day we have not spent together. I am so lucky to have her in my life in such a huge way. She drives me crazy, but also kinda keeps me sane.

Wishing all of my mommy friends an amazing day filled with love. Motherhood is the most amazing gift and the hardest job one could understake. I'm still figuring it all out, but feel like that I have Emery and Jason on this journey with me.

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