Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Remember when I said this day couldn't get any worse...

Yeah, so that happened.
I got a call that E had a 102.5 fever, so I left work to pick her up.
I picked up lunch and planned to go home and snuggle and drink lots of fluids.
We got out of the car and E was walking towards the front door.
Being the clumsey girl that she is... she triped and face planted on the curb.
And, because this day was getting better every minute, she shattered her tooth in "more than 15 pieces" according to her dentist.
Now, my girl is having surgery next Friday at Denver Children's and will be under General Anesthesia for an hour. I heard that and started crying. Then I realized that Jason will be traveling next week and that I have to do this all along.
More tears.
My girl is such a trooper, despite a 102.5 fever and a shattered front tooth... and a big gash on her chin.
Nothing a little apple juice and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse can't fix.

FU 5/22/2012! I shake my fist at you!!!

1 comment:

  1. Yikes! What a day!!
    I'm so sorry this day has been horrible for you! Thinking of you and Emery! Sending you lots of love.