Tuesday, May 29, 2012

E's princess moment and some Emery-isms

E said she felt like such a princess yesterday getting her hair cut at the same place as mommy. It was so sweet to see her sit up so big and follow all the direction to get her hair washed and cut in a real salon. Her hair grows so fast it gets unruley, so this was her 2nd hair cut. We made the mistake of going to "cool cuts" near us last time. It was like salon school rejects meets skid row. It was bad.
So, now we're sold on big girl salons. Jason is going to start going to Emily too, so it's a family affair.

Photographic proof that my kid is becoming a big girl...

Yup, that's me, the proud Mama is the mirror reflection, looking like I could use a few hours in a salon chair... She looked so beautiful and grown up. It really broke my heart, and made me so happy...

Today's Emery-isms...

"I go potty sometimes because we're not being frogs anymore"

"I'm here to help you! I'm super powers!"

"Yeah, Daddy's a boy. He's mean but I still love him."

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