Saturday, September 24, 2011

5 years of love... and mostly liking my husband... =)

Holy Cow friends!  I got married 5 years ago today.  I had my best girlfriends in my hotel room with me... We got up at the crack of dawn for hair and make up appointments.  We had planned to have lots of fun bubbly the night before, but instead pretty much passed out by 10pm.  I was running late to our wedding location and terrified that Jason would see me with my hair and make up done... and terrified that my dress wouldn't fit.  Or that the day wouldn't be perfect.  But, he didn't see me, and my dress did fit.. and I was able to share.... well, nearly 2 bottles of bubbly with my girls before walking down the aisle... well, I remember nearly running down the aisle.  They tell you to slow down, take in the moment, but I was too excited.  I saw him standing at the end, smiling, looking amazing I couldn't help it!  It was perfect.  The whole day.  I don't remember every detail, or every conversation, but I do remember feeling like I was floating.  Dancing with my best friend, finally feeling like my world was complete.
We decided when we got married that we were partners.  We would go through life together, as a team.  We would consult each other on major decisions, work problems out together, and always know that we would work it out, together. 
We have ahd 5 wonderful years together.  Now, if I told you we didn't have our issues, I'd be a big fat liar.  We've spent as much of our marriage together as apart due to our jobs.  This has caused a lot of strain.  We've both been exhausted to the point where the sound of the other person breathing makes me want to STAB HIM TO DEATH!!!!  But, we're a team.  And now we've got this amazing little person that needs us to stay on the same team.  Needs us to communicate.  Needs us to love eachother as much as we love her.  And needs us to laugh at the ridiculas things.
We just traveled through 5 states together.  Cooped up in car for 4 days with eachother, a 2 1/2 year old and 2 dogs.  If we can survive that, I think we can survive at least another 5 years together.
Last night, we snuggled on the couch with our perfect girl.  We're on the same couch that we had when we got married (yes, it's time for an upgrade), and I had to just sigh because even though we're in a new state and living a new life... we're together with our crappy couch, our 2 giant beast dogs, and our perfect girl... and we're home.
If we look like babies, it's because we were... 22 is not the age I would reccomend most people to get married at, but for us, it was perfect!.


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