Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's little, but it's mine

Some time ago I mentioned that where we ended up living, I needed a small space of my own.  Well, our overall space is not huge, so my small space just got smaller.  But, yesterday Jason bought me this adorable little shelf that has made my space!  I love it!

We found this fabulous little shelf in Downtown Littleton in a "vintage" shop.  I've decided that vintage shops are just expsensive thrift store, but I still love it.  I specifically wanted a small yellow shelf for the closet.  I wanted to put my make up and a few photos on it.  I've got my make up and the small ceramic jewelry box that Emery painted me for my birthday last year.  It hold my every day chain necklaces.  Below, two pictures of friends that mean a lot to me, and finally my small clutch purses.
Above the shelf is my pride and joy (jk), the jewelry holder that I made over the summer and a fabulous card I framed.
It's small.  It's simple.  And yes, I realize it's being a bit swalled by my scarves and belts.  Work in progress people.  But, for now, let's just hope Emery doesn't try to scale it.

Tomorrow, watch out for some first day of school pictures!  My big girl starts pre school.  I bought a second outfit since it is 80 degrees and the long sleeved dress I bought last week is not that weather appropriate.  Please ignore the giant road rash you'll see on Emery's face.  THAT story will come tomorrow....

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