Sunday, October 9, 2011

I've been pretty silent on blogging and FB.. and life lately.  I've spent the past week getting caught up at my new job, getting used to our new schedule, and getting comfortable in our new home.  I am loving being back in a really creative non-profit and events enviroment.  Honestly, my brain hasn't worked this hard in a really long time.  My co-workers are so smart and talented.  Many are young moms.  I love being surounded by other amazing and hard working mommies.  It's helpful knowning that if Emery was up all night, or Jason is traveling... and it's 2pm and I'm running on empty, they get it.  And they are supportive. 
I'm thankful for this job for a lot of reasons.  Obviously, we have bills to pay, so financially it's amazing.  But, to have support and encouragement by these fabulous professionals is fantastic.  We have awesome brainstorming sessions and great conversation about work, life, family... My boss is so supportive and encouraging.  This organization is on the brink of doing huge things and I get to be apart of that education and fundraising!  I love it.
We are really getting settled into our life here.  We've been a bit shocked by how quick we have gotten comfortable or how well Emery has adjusted.  She loves school, sleeps pretty well, and overall is really happy.  Obviously skype makes a huge difference, but she is just an amazing kid.  And, we're learning our community, getting excited about house hunting in the spring, and just having fun.
Today, we went to a local pumpkin festival with a girlfriend and her family.  Our girls are the same age and they just really clicked.  They are both smart, sassy, beautiful girls, so it's a pretty good match up.  They rode ponies, went on the bouncey slide, and picked out pumpkins.  Emery got her own "baby" pumpkin that she picked out herself.  It was fun to see her make a new friend and we had a good time with new friends too.  It was such a beautiful day.  It was an amazing opportunity to know that yes, we are 1200 miles away from CA and out life there, but we will be ok here.  We may even be happy, really happy.

And, a few photos of our great day...

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