Friday, August 24, 2012

surviving headbands

E has recently decided that she is done with ponytails and bows and ready for headbands. The only problem with this situation is our total lack of headbands to wear...except for 2- purple with a bow and silver glitter.

This morning when spending WAY too long deciding between her two headbands for the day, E declared she needed headbands in EVERY color- but first on the list was pink glitter. I got her to pick the purple headband for the day and assured her that I was look for a pink glitter headband.

Fast forward a few hours and I'm trolling the aisles at Target searching for a headband. We should note that it was my second trip to Target for the day, 4th for the week. I need a TA (Target Anonymous) meeting, I swear.

Anyways... I found what I thought was an adorable pink headband. In fact, I was so excited  I text the picture below to the hubs to share my find. I was sure that E was be satisfied.

I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

Feeling rather proud of myself I picked up E from pre-school, totally confident of my purchase. Immediately in the car, E asks if I found her pink glitter headband. And it went something like this:

E: Mommy, did you get my pink glitter headband?
Me: Well, I found this adorable pink headband with this really cute bow! Isn't it adorable?
E: Well, mommy, it's pink, but it doesn't have any glitter.
Me: E, it's so cute, don't you love it? I love it!
E: :::handing it back to me::: Mommy, there is NO glitter. Let's go to the store and find one with glitter.

And, off to Claire's Accessories we went. Yes, that happened.

It was at that point that I discovered why my own mom never wanted to enter that store. I should have known when tweens were pouring in and out of the store. And there were Justin Beiber pillows in the window display.

We looked at one, then another display of flowered headbands and what I thought were many, many glitter headbands only to be told "Ummm, no I think that these are not what I want." It got to the point when I thought we were going to go home empty handed, when I spotted a glorious racked of bedazzled headbands in all colors. We narrowed it down to one purple, one pink and got the heck out of there as fast as possible.

And that adorable happy face, my friends is exactly why I love to spoil my girl. Is she maybe a bit spoiled? Sure. But, in her defense, she is an awesome kid. She is kind, smart, loving. She loves to learn, to be a helper, and have special cuddle time.

However, rest assured, I am going to avoid Claire's like the plague. What a nightmare....

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  1. You better get that girl the accessories she needs mama!! It's not easy being that pretty.

  2. Yes, but at what cost? I might just order online moving forward. That store throws my sensory perception up against a wall. so much glitter, so many colors... this old mama can't handle it OR the loud Justin Beiber music.

  3. The only thing worse than Claire's is the candy in the check out at the grocery store. Awful! Found you on the moms mingle

  4. So cute! She's adorable! We have a problem with spoiling our babies too. :-0 I'm a new follower from the Mom's Mingle and I'd love a visit back at when you get the chance! :)