Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tales from my dog walk

I decided to take my sweet dog, Ginger on a walk this evening because I'd line to be less "fluffy" and because it was such a beautiful Colorado evening. Ginger actually did awesome. She was seriously smiling and I felt great when I got home. Let's just ignore the pizza we ended up having for dinner, due to a snafu with dinner...

However, we did have a minor incident. I may have nearly ended up face first in the gravel. Why you ask? Well it wasn't the major street of traffic, the cars or the variety of dogs we passed.

It was a butterfly. Yes friends, a butterfly made my dog lose her mind.

You see I happen to have two giant Labradors that fetch only about half the time and have luke warm feelings towards birds. But butterflies. Butterflies will make them lose their shit. That, and squirrels in trees.

In fact, Jackson has actually leaped in the air like a kangaroo while frolicking after a butterfly. Ginger likes to eat them.

I am lucky to be alive. I made it mostly unscathed, minus the blister on my baby toe that I got from taking a 30 minute walk in TOMS. Ugh.

So, unless an intruder tries to break into my house dressed like a butterfly, I'm pretty much screwed. awesome.


  1. Hahaha. Someone needs to invest in a new pair of walking shoes. And some kneepads??

  2. I totally have walking shoes, I just didn't think I'd need them for the jaunt I was planning. Then, I got over ambitious and went on a hike... lesson learned.