Thursday, August 16, 2012

LOST: my collarbones.

One of the best parts of moving has been the opportunity to go through some of my boxes that had spent the last year in boxes in our garage.

I love looking at old pictures. memories of amazing times in my life. with friends, some of which have left my life, and others that have remained strong as ever. I even love looking at the albums from college which have since been put into the hope chest never to be seen again.... at least until Emery has long since moved out. I have no intention of giving her any ideas of how to experience college the way I did. However, with her being my child, and her love for dancing, I'm sure she'll figure out how to dance on tables just fine.

Life changed a lot when I got married, all for the best, except for the thing. The loss of my collarbones. Once upon a time I had to walk at least a mile a day around my giant university campus to get to class. Once upon a time I danced a lot. Once upon a time I didn't enjoy watching reality tv so much (ok, well maybe I did...).

So... I may have added a few LBs once I walked down the aisle and said "I do." Then, I got real crazy and decided to have a baby. It was during those 9 months that I kissed my collarbones and flat tummy goodbye.

In memory, I have decided to post an ode to my collarbones and flat tummy. They were lovely. And are truly missed.

Bestie and I during my first visit to TN, summer of 2004. Check out Bri over at Klahnsense
Spring break 2004 with my girl V over at City Life to Ranching Wife

Big Sis revealing, Fall 2004

Bestie, Kacie and I, Spring 2005

However, I remember when I got all of these photos thinking about how heavy I thought I was. Clearly I was either blind, crazy, or just your average 20 year old college student. Even though I am a bit chubbier these days... I am a lot happier and more comfortable in my own skin. Clearly that comes with age. Although, I would trade just a little of it for some collarbones back. =) I kid, I kid.


  1. Hot mama!! You look amazing in these pictures, but I think you are pretty amazing now too :) xoxoxo

    PS - Don't send me any more skinny pictures of myself! LOL

  2. Aren't the skinny pictures inspiration? haha, they mostly just make me want to eat a snickers. haha.
    miss you bestie!