Friday, August 10, 2012

The daddy/daughter bond

One of my favorite things as a mother is to see my daughter form this undeniable bond with her Daddy. It's very different than the mommy - daughter bond. It has a lot more giggles. It has a lot more secrets. To be honest, it seems like a lot more fun.

As a mom, I am responsible for kissing the boo boos, mending her broken heart, and maintaining her sense of security. I end up with the tough conversations. I've already covered race, marriage and boobs. Daddy would prefer to not admit that she will ever have boobs or get married. He recently told me that she shouldn't be shaving her legs until she is 15. To which I responded, you let me deal with girl parts and issues. I may have thrown in that if we have a boy, he can deal with discussing playboy and boy parts.

Daddy, on the other hand, gets to shower her with a new stuffed toy for every zoo visit. I'm not jealous of their relationship, but I have to acknowledge that Daddy gets to be the first man she every loves.

I didn't ever necessarily have this relationship growing up, making it even more special to see. It makes me love and appreciate my husband in a new way. He has always taken amazing care of me, and my heart, but to see him devote his life to a little girl makes me smile just thinking about it. Then, seeing him try to do a pony tail makes me laugh. But, he loves his little girl and is the Daddy that gets disappointed when he can't watch dance class.

I look forward to continuing to see their secret relationship grow. I'm ok being on the outside of this one.

 How cute are these two?

And, in closing, I have to share a daddy-themed Emery-ism

E: Daddy is a boy, because I needed a daddy.

And, folks, there you have it.

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  1. I agree, the daddy/daughter bond is awesome! I am lucky enough to have it with my dad - we're going to dinner and the American Idol concert on Sunday and it will be our first daddy/daughter bonding activity in quite a little while!! Delaney & Emery are definitely lucky girls with amazing involved daddies who they've got wrapped around their fingers! It is amazing to watch your husband transform into a wonderful father for his little girl - one of life's greatest blessings!!