Monday, June 14, 2010

I swear Emery has the busiest social calendar of any 15 month old I have ever met. This past weekend was nuts! Friday, Emery and I went to the beach with my mom group. Saturday was cousin Madison's 2nd birthday party at the art studio and Sunday we went to Disneyland. Whoa.
Emery is a nut for the water. She sees the oceans and runs for it like a crazy little beast! It is too cute! We have been doing a lot of really fun things with my mom group. It is so fun to have a variety of different activities, moms and kids to hang out with at least once a week! Plus, we do "mom only" fun stuff too! Which is even better!
I think I've discovered Emery's secret talent. Painting. Seriously, she saw the paint and the paper was went to work. She painted Jason and I a beautiful picture that I will be framing to put in my house. She loved it so much she decided to paint her Madison's birthday party was at Avery Boo Children's Art Studio in Bixby Knolls (in LB). It was honestly the most fun place ever. They had all kinds of things for the kids to do, in addition to painting. I have every intention of going back. I highly reccomend it. The kids ran around like little monsters playing for 2 hours and were not all that eager to leave. Madison got a ton of fabulous elmo gifts.... that is what is "in" for the kids right now. Elmo. You hand emery a mickey doll, she says elmo...she see a character on TV, she says elmo... well, really it's more of a "Mel-mo" but you get the idea.

Her language has really picked up. She says so many fun things now. Cheese. Shoes. Working on please. Elmo, of course...eyes. mommy (not just mama), daddy, doggie, kitty, done, yes, no... and some others...Right now her favorite is doggie and elmo. It goes in rotation really. She hadn't said eyes for about 2 weeks, then this weekend, she walked right up to me, pointed to my eye and said eye... funny how that works.

In just a couple of weeks I am leaving my girl for FIVE DAYS. I'm going to Orlando to attend the bi-annual convention for Tri Delta. I'm an advisor for my chapter and I am thrilled to be attending with the 3 collegiate women. However, leaving my girl for 5 days truly breaks my heart. Jason will be home with her, but mommy is always better. I've never been away that long.... we'll see who ends up more upset about it all, me or her... Needless to say, I'm taking at least one framed photo of my girl with me. Maybe one of her blankets too...

Summer is really upon us and we have a lot of fun adventures to share. Here's hoping you can keep up!

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