Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer has consumed us.

Well, I am fresh off of one of the busiest weekends in a long time! Emery is sleeping through the night now, unless she spends 4 hours screaming her head off. You kinda never know what you're going to get, but it will be one of the two. Needless to say, I'm exhausted...and confused. This past weekend we spend most of our time with cousin Madison. Emery and Madison are two peas in a pod. Madison loves her "baby" soooo much. And Emery loves her, from a distance. Should Madison hug or kiss jsut a little to long, Emery is sure to make sure that she, and the entire house know that she has had enough love. But, at the end of the day, when we sleep over and its time for bed...the girls are sure to be in bed together jumping up and down and desperatly trying to convince us they are old enough for a slumber party. Not quite yet ladies, but soon enough. We promise that there is a lifetime of Madison/Emery sleepovers in your future. I love seeing the two of them together, it truly warms my heart.
I also got to be a 13 year old girl this weekend. My sister and I attended the Backstreet Boys concert. Can I just tell you that it was AHHHHHH-mazing. I dancing like a crazy fool, singing every word to every song. Yes, I was and still am that girl. But, there songs got me through middle school, high school...and most of college. Most songs have a major life event attached to them that makes me smile. I can still remember the very first time I heard one of their songs. I was 12. It was Quit Playing Games with My Heart...and I fell in love. It has been a love affair of 13 years. And I met one of my best friends, Bri because of it. We often tell people we were "penpals" but the truth is we met in a BSB chat room on aol. The rest is a history of Felicity style voice tapes, letters, cards, photos, gifts, then trips to visits, meeting our husbands, weddings, and now babies. She is probably my oldest friend I love her to death!
Our weekend also consisted of swim lessons and the Long Beach Buyou Festival. Emery loved the water, but hated being held that long. She is fiercely independant. She also loved being a dancing queen with Madison at the Buyou Festival. Wow, those girls love to dance. It is so cute to watch.
This week I am off to Florida for FIVE NIGHTS of no crying baby, lots of pool time, and even more time with hundreds of Tri Deltas. I am attending our National Convention and I am sooo excited. Emery is home with Jason for some much needed Daddy time. And I am off for some much more needed me time. I can't wait to share is so much sisterhood, sun, and shopping!


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  1. Ah, our secret is out!! :)

    Hope you have a great time in Florida, and Daddy has a great time with his girl!