Thursday, July 8, 2010

we love summer.

I don't know if anyone else is sick of the june glooom, but I'm ready for a little summer! It is july and I'm still wearing a sweater to the officer!!! It's nuts! I'm dying for a little sun so I can take my girl to the beach! She loves the ocean and thinks she is part fish, but we would have to wear coats just to get near the
On a lighter note, we are just a few days after our family 4th of july celebration! I happen to love the forth and celebration our Nation's freedom, with family, friends, and good food! OH, and of course, FIREWORKS! I returned from my Orlando trip mid day on Sunday, so it didn't leave much prep time for the day. We ended up going to my mom's for a bbq, then off to the LB Aquarium with the whole family (The 3 of us, sister & madison, grandma, mom, and ed)... it was quite the group, but the girls had a fabulous time looking at the fishies. Emery was so funny...she would look at the fish, then me and back and forth again, as to say, "Mom, do you see what I see?" Then would rejoice, "FISHIES!" It was soo cute! Her outfit was adorable and she loved the fireworks... there were plenty of "ooohhh and ahhhhhs" to go around. What we didn't love was it taking nearly 2 hours to get out of the structure and to get home. DEAR CITY OF LONG BEACH: YOU REALLY SCREWED US ON THAT ONE!
My trip to Orlando was not as relaxing as I had hoped, but it was just as fun. It was wonderful to spend time with some of my favorite DDD sisters and to meet a few new ones... I will never look at chicken the same again, nor will I be able to hear the "Carmen San Diego" song again without a serious chuckle. I'm already looking forward to Tucson in two years!
The rest of our summer is filled with mommy play dates, the OC fair, and a trip in August to a water park for little kids.
Motherhood truly amazes me every day. Emery is working on potty training, talking so much more, getting more sassy and is really starting to act like me... which worries me. haha.
I've included a few recent and fun photos!

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