Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Welcome to my life!

So, I am just trying this out. Now that I have a little girl, I have found myself regularly sending out massive emails to friends and family sharing with them the updates and adventures of our lives. I have a few dear friends that regularly blog, and I love the opportunity to stay up to date on their lives when we aren't able to pick up the phone.
Mark today, October 20th, as the day I begin to share with you all my journey as Emery's Mom, Jason's wife, Jennifer's sister, a daughter, grand-daughter, cousin, DDD sister... and so much more. My life is hectic. I have a 7 1/2 month old little girl, Emery Odair. She is fabulous. I have been married for just over 3 years to my college sweetheart, and the love of my life, Jason. I work at CSULB, currently, and am the PR advisor for the CSULB chapter of Tri Delta. I have amazing friends (shout out to Kacie, Heather, Molli, Krista, Bri, V-ron, Jamie... the list goes on) and am so lucky to have the best sister ever! Jennifer and I are hard at work raising our two little girls, Madison and Emery to be fabulous cousins and love each other! Which they do, so much! Even when Madison bonks her on the head with a shovel or a phone...
I absolutly love my life. I love hanging out with the girls. Going on adventures with my husband. And really love getitng back into touch with long lost friends and family. Join me as my journey continues as a mommy with a crazy life.
Here's a brief look, in photos, of me and those that I love!

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  1. yay, you're a blogger now!! i'm listing you on my faves, so you better blog often!! love ya!