Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January, already?

It's not that I don't love updating my blog that keeps me from posting more often... It's that I never get around to uploading our fabulous pictures.
So, here I am, another blog without pictures. I swear I'll doing it soon. Maybe not tonight, as it is potato soup night with my parents, but soon, I swear!
Now that I am back on campus and finally getting back in touch with friends and aquantencies, I am able to reflect and then share our amazing holiday. We didn't do anything special or out of the ordinary. We simply enjoied time with one another and those that are closest to us. And, we ate delicious food! The only addition this year was bringing Madison, Emery and Richard together to open their presents for eachother. This was the kick off of present opening season 2010. It was a smashing success! The kids loved opening presents and seeing what each one had gotten. The excited "whoa" and "ooh" were enough to make my heart melt. Madison and Richard have come into my life and stolen my heart. I absolutly adore these two kids. And, with the addition of Emery they make up the 3 musketeers. They are BFFs, hard core. I love it.
And, the other major event of this year, was no event at all. No trip to the ER, no sick baby, no frantic calls to 911. We put on Emery's thermal jammies (which Madison also had) and went to bed.
When I was a kid we got to open one present on Chritmas Eve. Something to wet our present appetites. We've decided that this gift will now be jammies for Emery to wear that night. It's amazing how much my kid loves jammies. We've also decided that we will get up earlier on Christmas morning to have our own private family christmas moments before heading over to my moms. I'm sure someday Emery will beg to have a slumber party with Madison, but for now, this hour as a family of three is something I cherish. Jason and I exchanged our gifts while watching Emery beam with excitment. And yes, we spoiled her with presents. But, after every gift she looked as us and said thank you... followed closely by MORE PRESENTS MOMMY?
Christmas with a little one has changed our family. Christmas with both Madison and Emery has brough it back to life. The magic of Christmas that gets lost on cynical teenagers has returned. And for that, I am so greatful!

Since Christmas, Jason and I took our first "alone" trip up to Santa Barbara. We were only gone for a night, but it was so wonderful to just exist together as husband and wife. Thank you to my amazing sister for keeping Emery-doodle over night. It was rainy, but cozy. We shopped, enjoyed great food, beer and wine... and didn't have to worry about diapers or toddler tears. Motherhood is the greatest gift of all, but I must never lose sight that it is because of my marriage that it is all possible. We need to take time to connect as a couple in order to be effective parents. And, while on our trip, I was able to cross something else off my life: wine tasting. And I have the 4 bottles of wine to prove it. I have the photo proof that is in the group to be uploaded soon.

until then.


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