Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We're on the move.

Well, it seems the cat is officially out of the bag now. Jason, Emery and I are moving to Colorado, specicially, the Denver area. Jason has been offered a promotion to a Manager after just 6 months with Safety-Kleen. I am so proud of him, but this is still devestating news for me.

Leaving my friends, family, job... my security bubble of Long Beach is more than I can handle some days. But, we hope to throw ourselves completly in loving Denver, and hope that Denver gives that love back. I will miss everything about Long Beach... except the crime, homeless, insane housing prices... hey, CO is looking better already.

But, CA can't get rid us of entirely, we plan to come back often. AND, we expect visitors...often. I'll apply for grad school in CO, find a job, and Emery a new pre-school.

I think that the affect this will have on Emery is the hardest for us. She doesn't understand that we are moving, or why... she'll just know that she misses her family here. She has an amaazing Auntie Jenny that watches her during the day. She is more than he babysitter, she's her family. Emery is unnaturally close with my family, and that seperation is going to kill her. Thank goodness for Skype. I've never used it, but will have to figure it out pretty quickly.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers that our move and transition of lifestyle go smoothly. And, that I find a job.

Look out CO, here comes the Blaylock family!

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