Friday, May 6, 2011

My third mother's day.

Even writing that this is my 3rd mother's day makes me a little sad. I can not believe that Miss Emery is passed her 2nd birthday. So many milestones have happened and I can't seem to keep up with recording them in my brain to savor each moment. "They" weren't kidding when they said that life goes by so quickly and you really need to enjoy each moment.
As we prepare to move to Colorado, I find myself realizing how truly blessed we are to have the friends and family that we do. Our support system here could never be matched. We've been able to surround ourselves with friends that accept us for who we are as a couple and as individuals. And those that love Miss Emery. She has so many "aunts" and "uncles" that will always be apart of her life. And, my family... They are lifesavers. Without any hesitation my family will come in and help pick up whatever pieces have fallen that day. The idea of leaving them will never get easier, and I will never be ok with being away from them. But, I know that they will support me no matter what, because that is what families do.
While mother's day is a day to celebrate the mother's around the world. I want to make sure to celebrate not just my own mother and grandmother, but the mother's and women in my life that I adore.

So first a few pictures of the past 2 years to celebrate the mother's and women of my family!

On a Disneyland visit, my cousin Cami and Jacob.

Emery and my grandma at the 2009 Buyou Festival. Emery spent the whole day snuggled in my grandma's arms. I'm not sure who loved it more.

Easter 2010 at the Elks Lodge with Nana

Mother's Day 2010: Grandma, Emery, Mom and I. The "odair" ladies. The 3 most important females in my world.

and finally, my sister and Emery's Auntie Jenny. The best aunties in the world to my girl. She is so lucky.

Plus, I'd like to share a few mommy blogs that I love to follow. I appreicate each of these women's humor and passion for motherhood. Eachtime I read a new post it helps me realize that I'm not the only OCD mommy out there that has bad days. One of these mom's I actually know, the others I do not. But, the help me to laugh out loud about the crazy things that kids do and say...

Ground Swell: A lovely blog sharing the challenges of international adoption, adding in christian inspirations, and all about family love.

Stone Chic: Brooke is a sorority sister of mine. While we were not in college, or the collegiate chapter together, I truly adore her. She is a strong, beautiful, confident women that has the most adorable son. I love her "tell-it-like-it-is" attitude.

And finally, probably the blog I love the most because it truly makes me laugh out loud everyday... Rage Against the Minivan: Love this moms practical and honest approach her sharing her international adoption stories. She's just a mom to 4 adorable children, sharing her daily challenges, things that make you think, laugh, and shed a tear every once and a while. I'm so thankful to my bff, Kacie, for sharing this with me.


I'm not sure anyone actually read my blog on a regular basis. I love the opportunity to share our daily stories with those we love that are far away. It is my own personal place to journal my feelings on motherhood, friendship, service to others, or whatever else pops up in our lives. But, I feel about my blog like I did about my journal in 7th grade. I love the idea of having these memories 10 years down the road, but I'm so busy having fun and living life, I often neglect it. Plus, that journal from 7th grade is pretty cheesy and...VERY 7th grade girl. Almost painful to re-read... But, since we are moving soon, I need to prioritize blogging for my friends and family... but mostly for me and Emery. I need a place to express myself. If someone reads it, lovely. If they feel so inclined to share a comment, great. But, if not, then that is ok too....

Happy Mother's Day to all the women in my life! I'm so thankful to be surrounded by so many powerful, smart, and classy ladies.


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