Monday, November 8, 2010

in the spirit of thankfulness...

I have to say, this fall has been so busy I simply haven't had an opportunity to put enough thoughts together to share an update on our family. I can say that this has probably been the best fall we have ever had as a family. Jason has finally come home! He started an amazing new career that brings him home every night to our family. Having my partner back to share in the daily chores and joys of our live is more amazing than I could have thought. Emery has happier than ever. She loves taking walks with daddy, playing in the yard, bath time... everything seems to be more fun for her these days. And, I have such a signifigant drop in stress in my life with more sleep, less tantrums, yummier dinners... Who knew the effects of getting a new job could be so signifigant?

I have to say, this journey of being without my husband, then raising our daughter alone has not been easy. But, it was made much easier with the help of the most amazing friends and family. I'm so lucky to have a family that loves having me pack up a bag and show up at their door (occasionally unannounced) to stay the evening. Thank you for that Mom, Ed, Grandma, Jennifer, and Madison. I love that Emery and Madison have that time in the evening to laugh, play, and sometimes fight. Seeing my daughter and my niece love eachother so strongly is truly amazing. They have a built in best friend. And,that gives me time to spend with my sister. Who is my sounding board and therapist. We have been through a lifetime of laughter and fights that so reminds me of our girls. I'm so glad that we have eachother, and so do they. Mom, Ed, Grandma...the best baby sitters ever! How could I have kept my sanity without having a place to leave my girl for a few hours here and there. In fact, she often has more fun with you than me. I guess what are grandparents for than to pump you kids full of sugar, let then run around like crazy monsters getting filthy, and then sending them home happy, and exhausted.

In the spirit of fall and thanksgiving... I have to continue in thanking my friends. As really the first one to get married and start a family... I am so thankful for my best friends who have shared in my joy, heartache, and the craziness that is my life. Your support, laughter, friendship and for my DDDs.. your sisterhood. I have to say, I would rather have 5 really amazing friends than 20 kinda friends. I know you have my back and you know I'd do anything for you... like wait overnight in waiting room waiting for you to deliver a baby (thats a shout out to you kacie). I love you! You know who you are!

Finally to my husband. Thank you for putting your family first, always. For making sure I stay sane and that we have such a great lifestyle. For valuing date nights, and my sleep. For making breakfast on the weekend. For taking over bath time. For i love you emails for no reason...and stopping by the office just for a hug. And of course, for giving me the most amazing little girl in the world. She is sassy, smart, and everything I could have ever asked for.


And because I could never forget fabulous pictures of the ones I love....

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