Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mommy's Blocks

These blocks have been a major topic of conversation in our house.  I brought them home from the Target bargin bin last week.  I'm not a huge holiday decorator, but I would eventually like to be.  Right now, we don't really have the space.  But, I figure if I get a few things this year while we are in our apartment, it won't be a huge expense or as time consuming a process.
Emery pretty immediatly spotted them and wanted them out of their plastic packages and into her sticky little fingers.  You can't tell it here, but they are still in their plastic packages.  I'm not crazy enough right now to let them loose.  They will go into her room, never to be seen from again.
When I gave the blanket statement of, "Emery, don't touch, those are mommy's blocks," I was pretty quickly peppered with questions...
"Those are Mommy's special blocks?"
Yes, Emery.
"Can I play with them?"
No, Emery.
"Are you going to build something with them?"
No, Emery.
"Why not?"
They are not for building, Emery, just looking
"Can I make a train with them?"
No, Emery.
"They aren't for stacking?"
No, Emery.

We've been through at least this full set of questions at least once a day since.  Each time, she walks away with the saddest, most confused look on her face.
She simply can not understand why I would have blocks that I'm not making trains with, or stacking, or building something.
Apparently, I'm nuts...

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