Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome 2012, I've been waiting

I'm not sure I've ever been more ready for a new year to begin.  Not that I didn't love 2011.. but it was just such a year of change, I'm ready for a fresh start.  2011 was exhausting.  Everything I expected to happen didn't, and everything I never expected did.  By now, I figured I'd be finishing my first semester of grad school, working part-time at CSULB, and just trying to manage being a mommy and wife while my husband travels CA with his new job.  And, I ended it in Colorado, working full-time, but still trying to manage being a mommy and wife... and with no school.
I'm truly at peace with all of this.  I always knew that Jason wanted to explore living outside of CA.  I had never left CA, so I didn't understand why.  But, now that we are here, I get it.  The people are nicer, the homes are attainable, the schools are better, there is open land.... There are so many perks to being outside of CA, I give myself little kicks for not thinking about it before (but don't you DARE tell him that ;) )
I feel like 2012 is an opportunity to start our new life.  We will experience our first year of seasons, explore our new state, make new friends...
I'm not making resolutions this year.  Let's be honest, I don't usually keep them.  I couldn't tell you what they were for 2011, but they probably included getting healthy/losing weight.  Isn't that always the goal?
I'm making some universal life goals to work on...
Be happy.
Be patient.
Be healthy for my family, not just my upcoming vegas trip.
Be organized.
Keep life in perspective. I'm so incredibly blessed.
Be supportive of my wonderful partner... in short, be a partner.
Be a better friend.  I've struggled with staying in touch with my CA friends.

I can't guarentee that I'll succeed at all of these things, but I'm going to aim to be better.  As we all should.

Some things I'm looking forward to in 2012:
Spring in CO
Vegas in March with our dearest friends
Getting a new doggie, no one will replace Carley, but Jackson needs a friend.
Buying our first home (FINALLY)
Slowly finding a network of friends in CO, other families like us

I promise some pictures from our CA trip are coming soon.... We had such a wonderful time!

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