Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!

I was really never into Valentine's Day growing up. My family didn't make a huge deal about it, and I honestly never had anyone in my life that I considered Valentine worthy.
Then, I went to college, and met Jason.
And we had our first Valentines Day together.
I hadn't really shared with my family that Jason was around. I was having lunch with my Grandma on Valentine's Day when some girls from the sorority house called and said I got a massive bouquet of roses sent to the house. I played it cool in front of Grandma, but on the inside I was leaping for joy.
My first Valentine's Day with the guy of my dreams. Boy, was I lucky.
Especially since my bff and roommate got a plant from her boyfriend.

Now that we are married, we skip the crazy busy restaurants and make a fab dinner at home and just enjoy being together.

And, now that we are parents, we get to share this day of love with the greatest and symbol of love in our life.

I continue to be so thankful for my amazing husband. He shows me love everyday, not just today. He thinks ahead and gets our little girl a valentines gift and card when I totally space out. And, like last night, he is patient with me when I am totally sick and just want to curl up in a coma.
After nearly 9 years together, I am more thankful today for his partnership and love than I was when we still had those first valentine's day butterflies.

Wishing all our friends and family a day of love and happiness with whomever you decide to spend it with.

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