Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's new?

I've been a terrible blogger the past few weeks. Our lives have been so busy that I need to take a moment to update what we've been up to.
In February, we welcomed our dearest Ginger into our homes. She is a golden lab/greyhound rescue and we are so happy to be a two dog family again...even if we do have some puppy challenges to work through. She loves to scoop things out of the sink to chew, pulls down bread and bagels to eat (shes eaten whole loaves and 6packs of bagels), and just yesterday she pulled our beloved griddle off the counter and broke it. We'll be happy when this passes.
My mama came to visit last month too! I love how easy it is for her to travel to Denver to visit. It was wonderful to have her here to help with Emery, keep the doggies happy, and to bring a piece of home.
Since then we've been working a lot, taking lots of family walks to the park, visiting the dog park and trying to learn more about our new home. We've had some adventures with friends and have been planning for March.
This week, Jason's brother is coming with his wife, Candace, and our nephew and niece. We are so looking forward to a family visit and having them here to celebrate Emery's 3rd Birthday. We love spending time together and having the kids together, so this should be an adventure.  AND, they are staying with us, so we will be quite cozy this week. =) But we're excited!
Emery's 3rd Birthday... can you believe it? I can't believe how much change has happened in our lives since she turned 2. She is such a little girl. My baby is gone. It breaks my heart, but I love seeing her become her own little person. She is amazing and a lot of fun. I'll share more on this tomorrow, but I just feel so blessed to be raising this amazing little person.
We are not having a full party for her this year, but we will send cupcakes to school, and have a mini-party at home on Friday with cake and presents. AND, Emery, Auntie Candace, Cousin Claire and I are going for mani-pedis on Friday. Emery already decided she wants purple. I'm so excited to celebrate with her all weekend.
And, in a few weeks are we heading to CA to pass through, drop off Emery and head to vegas with our dearest friends, Bri and Andrew. We started planning this in the fall as a surprise for Andrew (which lasted like 3 weeks) and I can't believe we are only a few weeks away. We don't get to see the Klahn's nearly enough (mostly because our preference would be to be neighbors). I'm sad I don't get to see my sweet Delaney's face this trip, but this mama needs a kid-free vacay! We're staying in my parents timeshare and truly can't wait to have a few carefree days filled with cocktails.
In other news, we have found a realtor and will begin our official CO house hunt next month. woo hoo! We looked for over 2 years in CA and are so thrilled to finally know we're going to get an amazing home, in a wonderful neighborhood that we can actually forward.

And, because I can't leave you without a photo, or two....
Emery giving Ginger hugs. She really loves her so much. This morning she told me Jackson was her brother and Ginger was her sister. I love her love for animals.
 We had cheeseburgers the other night.. Emery wanted a Mickey one, so of course Daddy made a Mickey cheeseburger.  Spoiled girl!
Emery LOVES to go to petsmart. She likes to look at all the little birds, mice, and lizards. It's really cute. And, here, she asked Daddy to get in the cage. Is this the solution to all my troubles?

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  1. Yay for blogging again! Life has been so busy I just have not had the time at all. I need to make time, though! I love the pictures - and the sweet girl in them!! 17 more days!! xoxoxo