Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Fever and Fun

I think it might be safe to say that we've hit spring in CO! Thank goodness! I was getting pretty sick of the snow and cold weather. It's so beautiful out and my pasty white legs are telling me it's time for some shorts and skirts. And, Emery has so many cute new spring and summer clothes that I'm dying for her to wear.
It has been a particularly busy spring for us, but we've been having so much fun! We had a birthday visit from Jason's brother and his family. Emery loved having cousin's here for her  birthday! We made pizzas, had a mini toy story party, and did some shopping! It was a lot of fun and we hope they come back to visit soon!
And, we took a trip back to CA, dropped off Emery and headed to Vegas with our dearest friends, the Klahn's. It was so fun to spend some quality time with our besties! We truly don't have enough time together. But, this trip gave us plenty of time to talk about our desire to be neighbors and how much Jason and I love Nashville. Who knows? Maybe in the 5-7 year plan is a move to Mt. Juliet!
With the weather being so beautiful, we've had a lot of park visits and dog park trips. Emery loves it, and so do Jackson and Ginger.
This spring we hope to take more trips to the zoo since we have a family membership now.... and take some time to really explore Denver. Maybe a family hike? We'll see.
And, since I won't leave you hanging without some pictures....

 Spoiled girl with TWO easter baskets! She was so excited about the visit from the Easter Bunny!
So excited about her new princess shirt from Nana and Papa!

Birthday morning with Auntie Candace and cousins Keegan and Claire!

Birthday girl got her fingers and toes painted purple. She was so excited and looked beautiful!

Loving on her brother, Jackson

Pizza making time!

Emery's mini-Toy Story party!


Besties in Vegas

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