Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My crappy mommy overshare

My girl has had some "tummy issues" for about 10 days now.  After 4 days I called the doctor.  After a few more days of his reccomended pedialite and bland diet I called again.  One more day later, he finally called and we went into the office.
On a side note, why on earth is pedialite so disgusting.  No child is going to drink it for more than a day or two before handing back and saying, "It's not juice, I don't like it,"... just like Emery...
I digress....
A few tummy pokes and a long, unsuccessful attempt to catch a glimpse of Emery's tounge... he had nothing.  Had we been camping?  Yes, but a week before it started.  Decreased energy?  No way.  Decreased appetite?  Judging by the picture of her crazy spaghetti face from last night?  Probably not.
So, I walked away with order to go to "the lab" and pick up a specimen bottle.  Yup, that's right.  A stool sample was in my future.  OR so I thought.
SEVEN samples were in my future.  Seriously?  This is crappy.  Very crappy, times seven.  How convienent that Jason leaves for a work trip tomorrow.
Hopefully we get some answers, then a solution with all this mess.

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