Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The bags are packed...

My bag is packed and tomorrow I head to Colorado.  Don't worry, you aren't getting rid of me that quickly...  Jason and I are going for a short house hunting mission.  But, this is the first real sign that this move is happening.  September 12th.  That is our family dooms day. 
Basically, I'm  going the the fake it 'til you make it mantra.  I am going to keep telling myself, and my friends and family, that CO is going to be amazing, and we're going to love it.  Yes, I'm sure eventually we will love it.  And we will make friends and find a CO family.  But, in the meantime, I'm just going to say it.... So, these are the first bags packed on our road to Colorado.
In other moving news... the invites for our bon voyage party are out!  I'm really excited to share this day with everyone that means the most to us in CA. 
And, we've been working on our plan for the drive to CO.  Our first stop will be Vegas... and I'm so excited because we are going to be seeing my cousins there!  They are second cousins... and a lot older than me... but when we were growing up they were the big brothers I never had... As with all things, we grew up, got new lives and grew apart.  In fact, I havent' seen two of them since my grandpa's funeral 8 1/2 years ago.  And, to be honest, I barely remember making it through that day.... so that was hardly a proper visit.  Now, I'm thrilled to share Emery with them, introduce Jason...and share memories about when we were kids.  While I am so excited, I also think it is going to be tough to get through memories of my Grandpa.  I think of him everyday.  And everyday it brings tears to my eyes.  Even after all this time, I desperatly miss him.  And miss that I didn't get to share Emery with him.  Or that he never met Jason.  Jason and I met just 4 months after he passed.  I'd like to think that Grandpa brought us together.  He would have adored Jason.
But, it will be a wonderful time to share the happy times and have happy tears.  Grandpa would be so happy that we are still spending time together.  So, I guess this move is bringing something else positive... reconnecting with family...

So, I'll keep you posted on how your housing mission goes.  And, we get to spend a few days together without Emery.  Of course we'll miss her, but it's a fun time to just be together. 


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