Friday, July 8, 2011

My name is Crystal and yes, I've broken the cardinal rule of blogging DIY projects...

Yes, I realize that I never shared the finished product of my adorable DIY necklace holder for the my bedroom.  Yes, I realize that the whole point of sharing my crafting adventure online is to show how it actually turned out.  Yes, I finally have proof that I am not 100% craft challenged.
Yes, I apologize for the terrible quality of my cell phone picture... But, you get the idea.  I really do love it.  It is so easy and a great reminder to add something fun to every outfit.  These are a few of my favorite bold necklaces... which I usually end up wearing with one of my subtle chain necklaces that Jason has give me over the years (Tiffany's Infinity Hearts, S&D Love necklace, Tiffany Chou Shell...).  I have a husband that lives by the motto of "When in doubt, buy an "everyday" necklace..." haha, but it's true, and I love him for it.


Proof of our 4th of July camping adventure is coming soon.  I only wish I had gotten a photo of the GIANT sign on the bathroom that featured a giant picture of a rattle snake that stated, "Rattlesnakes share this area, please be careful!"  Really?  They are sharing my crappy bathroom that is a glorified porta-potty...really?  Either way, it prompted me to RUN to and from the bathroom, ban emery from using it, and potty faster than anyone ever before... oh, and use my shoe to open the toilet seat.. everytime.  Have I mentioned I hate snakes?

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  1. I envy your accessorizing abilities. This is a great crafty solution to that giant ball of necklaces that is currently in my closet.